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  • Tesla Cybertruck Outsells Ford F-150 Lightning in May Tesla's electric pickup Cybertruck secured fifth among all-electric vehicles in May, outselling the Ford F-150 Lightning, which ranked tenth.
  • Lexus Teams Up with China's RoboSense for LiDAR in Electric Models Lexus plans to incorporate products from RoboSense, China's largest LiDAR company, into several of its electric vehicles.
  • Tesla Stock Tumbles as Robo-Taxi Debut Pushed to October Tesla's Robotaxi launch, initially scheduled for August 8, has been postponed to October. As a result, Tesla's stock price dropped by 8.44%.
  • U.S. Injects $1.7 Billion to Transform Old Auto Plants into EV Hubs Automakers have recently shut down these factories or are at risk of job losses due to changes in automaker plans.
  • Ford: We’ll Launch A $30,000 Electric Vehicle in 2027 Ford CEO Jim Farley is attracting attention by revealing that he plans to launch a low-cost electric vehicle (EV) priced at $30,000 in 2027.
  • UK Auto Market Predicts Massive Expansion by 2035 The UK's Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) urges the next government to collaborate closely with the automotive industry.
  • Bentley's Latest: Ultimate Grand Tourer GT Speed Revealed Bentley Motors, a Volkswagen Group subsidiary, unveiled the 4th generation, The New Continental GT Speed.
  • How Rivian Plans to Dominate the Electric SUV Market by 2026 Rivian announced that its profitability is dramatically improving through cost reductions. Rivian sold more than 50,000 units in 2023.
  • Ferrari's First EV Comes With a $535,000 Price Tag An inside source shared with Reuters that Ferrari’s first electric vehicle (EV) will cost at least $535,000. The luxury automaker is preparing to open a plant that will make the model, which could boost group production by up to a third. Ferrari’s first EV is scheduled to be launched in the second half of 2025. […]
  • China's Xiaomi EV Shatters Expectations with Record-Breaking 20,000 Deliveries! China's Xiaomi EV announced on Weibo that the cumulative number of deliveries of its first model, the SU7, exceeded 20,000 units on June 13.
  • Sustainable and Strong: New EV Batteries Cut CO2 Emissions by 20%! On June 7, 2024, British battery technology company Integral Power announced that they had developed a new cathode material that increases the driving range of electric vehicle (EV) batteries, reduces charging time, and enhances durability. Integral Power claims that its self-developed LFP and LFMP (Lithium Iron Phosphate and Lithium Manganese Iron Phosphate) can increase energy storage […]
  • Elon Musk's Vision Comes Alive: Optimus Robots to Hit the Market Next Year Tesla has announced through their X account that two Optimus humanoid robots operating autonomously in one of its factories.
  • Volvo FH16 Introduces All-New D17 Engine Technology: More Power, Less Fuel Volvo Trucks has unveiled the new Volvo FH16 model, which boasts excellent fuel efficiency and is equipped with the all-new Volvo D17 engine.
  • U.S. Lawmakers Demand Sanctions on Chinese Battery Giants Over Forced Labor Claims The Wall Street Journal reported that Republican lawmakers in the U.S. have called for immediate sanctions against Chinese battery manufacturers CATL and Gotion Hi-Tech over allegations of forced labor. In response, CATL dismissed these accusations as unfounded and completely false, stating that information about some of their suppliers is inaccurate and misleading. CATL clarified, “Business […]
  • Why Amazon's Zoox Chose Miami and Austin for Their Next Robo-Taxi Trials? Zoox, a self-driving technology developer under Amazon, announced that it plans to begin testing soon in Miami, Florida, and Austin.
  • US Electric Vehicle Market Heats Up with Price Cuts: A Look at the Competition Price cuts for BEVs continue in the US market. The average price of new BEVs in the first quarter of 2024 fell 9%.
  • Senna Legacy Lives On: Bruno Senna Shatters Records in McLaren's Ultimate Tribute McLaren Automotive paid tribute to legendary F1 driver Ayrton Senna and held a special event with his nephew in England
  • From Chips to Chassis: How Nvidia and Foxconn Are Reshaping Auto Production Taiwan’s Hon Hai Technology Group (Foxconn) announced plans to construct an advanced computing center in Kaohsiung, centered around the Nvidia Blackwell platform. The computing center will feature the Superchip GB200 server, which will comprise a total of 64 racks and 4,608 GPUs, with completion slated for 2026. Foxconn and Nvidia plan to introduce a platform […]
  • Tesla's May Sales in China Drop 6.6% Despite April Rebound, Jan-May Figures Show Decline Tesla's sales in China in May 2024 amounted to only 72,573 units, down 6.6% from last year. The slide came after an 18% fall in April that...
  • Tesla Urges Suppliers to Move Production Beyond China and Taiwan Tesla has told suppliers to start building components and parts outside of China and Taiwan by as ea ...
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    First-of-its-Kind Suicide Capsule to be Used in Switzerland


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    South Korea's Loudspeaker Attack Has North Korea on Edge


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