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  • Armani and Dior Under Investigation for Worker Exploitation in Italy The Italian Competition Authority (AGCM) has investigated allegations that Armani and Christian Dior exploited workers.
  • How Microsoft and Google Are Helping China Bypass U.S. Chip Export Controls Reports have emerged that Microsoft and Google have provided Nvidia AI chips to Chinese companies through their overseas data centers.
  • North Korea Drops Trash Balloons Across the Border for the 8th Time This Year On the 18th, citizens discovered North Korea's spattered trash balloons in various locations in the northern Gyeonggi region.
  • Biden Dropping Out? Pelosi Hints at a Shocking Election Decision ormer Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi suggested that Biden is nearing a decision not to pursue a second presidential term.
  • 'It's Spreading Rapidly': Alarming New Disease That Has Experts Worried According to the Korea Disease Control and Prevention Agency (KCDA), the number of whooping cough patients this year,.
  • How a Chinese Tycoon Turned Whistleblower Became America's Most Wanted Fraudster A Chinese real estate tycoon once called a dissident for exposing corruption in China has now fallen from grace as a fraudster.
  • Biden Goes into Isolation: COVID-19 Halts President's Nevada Campaign Plans President Joe Biden has canceled his scheduled events due to a positive COVID-19 diagnosis.
  • Ex-CIA Analyst Charged with Illegal Activities for South Korea South Korean government, Ambassador to the U.S. Cho Hyun Dong, stated, "I have nothing to say" about the arrest of Sue Mi Terry.
  • U.S. and Japan's Secret Weapon: Microwave Tech to Neutralize Drones The US and Japan are set to develop technology to neutralize drones that infringe on their territories using electromagnetic waves.
  • Trump Promises Tough Stance on China, EU with New Tariff Threats Donald Trump warned the Federal Reserve (Fed) not to lower the benchmark interest rate before the November election.
  • Iran's Chilling Plot Against Trump Before Shooting Incident Before the assassination attempt on Trump, U.S. intelligence agencies had detected and were investigating an Iranian assassination plot.
  • ‘South Korea Must Pay More’: Trump’s Potential Return Sparks Defense Spending Debate The former National Security Adviser Robert O'Brien strongly urged South Korea to increase its defense spending.
  • Former CIA Analyst Charged: Alleged Secret Dealings for South Korea U.S. Federal Prosecutors have indicted Sue Mi Terry on charges of acting as a representative for the South Korean government.
  • Would You Pay $150,000 for a Bat? Why This One's So Special A baseball bat worth 200 million won (approximately $150,000) was listed for sale on Carrot, a secondhand community marketplace platform.
  • How 'Dune' Inspired NASA's Latest Tech: A Pee-Recycling Spacesuit Inspired by the movie Dune, a new type of spacesuit that can quickly transform urine into drinking w ...
  • Trump's Bloodied Image Now a Best-Selling T-Shirt – Supporters Rally Online The attempted assassination of Former US President Donald Trump has spawned a frenzy of online merchandise.
  • 'Trump Loyalist' Vance Nominated as Republican Vice Presidential Candidate Donald Trump chose his vice-presidential candidate, J.D. Vance, a 39-year-old hardline conservative U.S. Senator.
  • High Ranking North Korean Diplomat Flees to South Korea from Cuba A high-ranking North Korean diplomat stationed in Cuba defected and entered South Korea last November.
  • Japanese Court Decides Surgery Not Mandatory for Gender Change Japan has made history by acknowledging a man as a woman without gender-affirming surgery.
  • Griffin and Singer in Talks with Trump Over Campaign Support The two billionaires, Ken Griffin and Paul Singer, have recently met with former President Donald Trump to discuss donations.
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