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  • Trump's Latest Venture: Selling Bibles to Ease Legal Cost Pressures Promotional videos on social mediaTruth Social stake worth $4 billionThe money shortage is likely to be resolved soon   Former US President Donald Trump is seen holding a Bible at St. John’s Church near the White House on January 1, 2020. On the 26th (local time), the former president posted a video on his social […]
  • Vietnam to Host Putin: A Strategic Move in Foreign Policy Nguyen Phu Trong, the top figure in Vietnam’s power hierarchy and the Secretary of the Communist Party, has formally invited Vladimir Putin, the Russian President who recently secured his fifth consecutive term. According to local media VN Express on the 27th, the Central Foreign Affairs Committee of the party revealed that during a call with […]
  • Trump's Truth Social Rockets on Wall Street: A 10% Surge Marks Day Two The stock price of Trump Media & Technology Group (TMTG), the parent company of the social media platform Truth Social, founded by former U.S. President Donald Trump, has seen a substantial rise for two consecutive days following its debut on the New York Stock Exchange. According to the Wall Street Journal, on the 27th, TMTG’s […]
  • Kremlin: 'Still Investigating Allegations of Ukraine Terror Involvement' Advises to “Re-read what President Putin has recently said, his words are important” The Kremlin in Russia has taken a cautious stance, stating that it is too early to comment on Russia’s response to allegations of Ukraine’s involvement in the Moscow concert hall terror attack. Dmitry Peskov, Kremlin spokesperson, said to the Russian TASS news […]
  • All About Bell's V-280 Valor: Future Replacement for US Military Blackhawks - Part 3 A triple digital flight control system ensures stability Unlike the V-22’s H-tail, the V-280 uses a V-tail to increase maneuverability. The complexity of the stability system is addressed by implementing a triple digital flight control system called fly-by-wire (FBW) to ensure flight stability. Additionally, using carbon fiber-based materials in the wings reduced weight and cost. […]
  • All About Bell's V-280 Valor: Future Replacement for US Military Blackhawks - Part 2 The unrefueled operational radius is 2.5 times that of Blackhawk This is thanks to the maximum takeoff weight of approximately 14 tons, more than the Blackhawk’s 10.6 tons. The payload has also increased to 2 tons inside and 4.5 tons outside, compared to the Blackhawk’s 1.2 tons and 4.1 tons, respectively. It can carry about […]
  • All About Bell's V-280 Valor: Future Replacement for US Military Blackhawks - Part 1 Reach Pyongyang in 20 minutes with 560 kilometers per hourTwo times faster than Blackhawk – expediting the transfer of supplies and troops14 troops on board – 14 tons maximum takeoff weight The U.S. Army’s UH-60 Blackhawk and AH-64 Apache have maintained their top-tier status worldwide since their debut, undergoing numerous upgrades. The U.S. military has […]
  • Biden Narrows Gap With Trump in Battleground States A recent poll indicates that President Joe Biden has narrowed the gap with former President Donald Trump in battleground states that could determine the election outcome. The approval rating of Joe Biden has increased in six battleground states, according to a poll conducted by Bloomberg and Morning Consult between the 8th and 15th of the […]
  • Japan Prepares for Potential Return of Trump, Utilizes Ex-Interpreter Sunao Takao Fanatically prepares for the impact of Trump returning to power Japan is reportedly preparing for the possibility of former U.S. President Donald Trump’s return to power. According to Reuters on the 26th (local time), the Japanese government is considering dispatching Sunao Takao, former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s ex-interpreter who has previously interpreted between Trump and […]
  • Truth Social Listing Rockets Trump's Net Worth to $6.5 Billion Net Worth Surges to Over $6.5 BillionInclusion in Bloomberg Billionaires Index for the First TimeSubstantial Reduction in Court Deposit Related to Real Estate Loans Former U.S. President Donald Trump has made his debut among the world’s top 500 wealthiest individuals, owing to the listing of his social media platform, Truth Social. As reported by Bloomberg […]
  • Trump's Truth Social Set to Trade on Nasdaq, DWAC Stock Surges Over 35% DWAC Stock Experiences Surge of Over 35%Court Lowers Bail from $454 Million to $175 Million The corporation of former United States President Donald Trump, the Trump Media & Technology Group (TMTG), is scheduled to commence trading on the New York Stock Exchange on September 26th, local time. TMTG, the parent entity of the social media […]
  • U.S., EU on High Alert: Heightened Security Measures Post-Russian 'Terrorism' France Elevates Anti-Terror Alert to Highest LevelPoland, Adjacent to Ukraine, Strengthens SecurityItaly Increases Security Measures Ahead of EasterU.S. Prepares for Potential Cross-Border Terrorists Following the shooting attack by an armed group in Moscow, Russia, the United States and major Western European countries have successively intensified their anti-terrorism security measures. The United States, concerned about terrorist […]
  • Putin Blames 'Radical Islamists' for Moscow Attack, Points Finger at Ukraine Russian President Vladimir Putin acknowledged that the terrorist attack at a concert hall in Moscow was carried out by Islamic extremists but claimed that there is suspicion of Ukrainian involvement. According to Bloomberg News on the 25th (local time), Putin stated at a meeting of the Security Council attended by the investigative authorities and the heads of […]
  • Macron Blames IS for Moscow Terror Attack, Reveals France Also Targeted French President Emmanuel Macron accused the extremist armed group Islamic State (IS) of being behind the Moscow theater terror attack in Russia, revealing on the 25th (local time) that they had attempted multiple attacks in France as well. According to AFP, Reuters, and other sources, Macron, who is visiting French Guiana, stated, “According to the information […]
  • Putin Likely to Step Up Offensive in Ukraine After Shocking Attack At least 133 killed in concert hall terror attackRussia detains 11 suspectsPutin alleges Ukrainian involvement, threatens retaliationZelenskyy and U.S. dismiss potential involvement The world is in shock following a terrorist attack at the Crocus City Hall concert venue in the northwest of Moscow, Russia. There are growing concerns over potential retaliation against Ukraine following President […]
  • Rohingya Refugee Boat Sinks off Indonesia, More than 70 Dead and Missing Five people, including the ship’s captain and crew, fled when the sinking began Recently, it has been reported that about 70 people have died or gone missing from a Rohingya refugee boat that capsized and sank near Indonesia. According to AP News and others on the 24th (local time), the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) and […]
  • Four Suspects Detained Following Terror Attack in Russia: 319 Casualties Reported On the 22nd (local time), a suspect in the indiscriminate terror attack that took place at the Crocus City Hall concert hall in Krasnogorsk, northwest of Moscow, Russia, is awaiting interrogation at the Basmanny District Court in Moscow on the 25th./AFP·Yonhap News The Investigative Committee of the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) announced on the […]
  • Iran's Currency Crisis: Rial Hits Record Low as Diplomatic Tensions Soar Amid Persian New Year celebrations, Iran’s currency plummeted to an all-time low of 613,500 rials per dollar on March 24th. On the last working day before the March 18th holiday, it was 590,000 rials per dollar. The exchange rate significantly affects other markets, including housing and rentals. Many Iranians have seen their life savings evaporate […]
  • U.S. and Japan Eye Defense Treaty Overhaul in the Face of China and North Korea Threats The largest scale since the Mutual Defense Treaty in 1960Propelling the U.S.-Japan combined forces, similar to the South Korea-the U.S. combined forcesThere is a high possibility that the U.S armed forces in Japan will secure operational authority in case of emergency The United States and Japan are preparing for the largest defense treaty revision since […]
  • McDonald's Pulls Out of Sri Lanka: Closes All 12 Stores Following Contract Termination A lawyer for McDonald’s Sri Lanka announced on the 24th (local time) that McDonald’s has terminated its contract with its regional partner in Sri Lanka and has closed all 12 of its stores in the country. Sanath Wijewardane, a spokesperson for McDonald’s, said, “McDonald’s has decided to terminate its contract with the franchisee due to […]
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