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  • Apple Store Workers Unionize in New Jersey, Following in the Footsteps of Oklahoma and Maryland ORIGINAL LINK: https://alphabiz.co.kr/news/view/1065585880777685 A union is forming at Apple’s New Jersey store. According to a member of the organizing committee on the 10th (local time), employees at the Apple store in Short Hills, New Jersey, have submitted a union representative application. The store manager of the Short Hills location, who is also a member of […]
  • Apple's Diversification Strategy: 1 in 7 iPhones Now Made in India Apple diversifies production basesiPhone sales in China down 24% YoY As Apple’s iPhone production in China decreases, its production in India significantly increases. This shift is attributed to the struggles faced by China’s lockdown policies during the COVID-19 pandemic and a significant drop in iPhone sales due to competition from local companies like Huawei. Bloomberg […]
  • Apple Faces Scrutiny Over Alleged Monopoly about In-app Payment Service in Russia Signs of Apple violating antimonopoly regulations in Russia have been detected. The Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) in Russia sent a letter to Apple on the 4th (local time) asking why Russian users cannot utilize all banking and payment services functions while using Apple Inc. devices. The FAS stated that most Russian banks had been excluded […]
  • What do Nike, Tesla, Apple, and Intel Have in Common? Apple, Tesla, Nike, and Intel experienced over a 10% decline in stock prices since the beginning of the yearInvestors, sensing the difficulties faced in China, have begun selling off“It won’t be long before the Chinese economy recovers, and stock prices begin to rebound” American companies with high dependency on the Chinese market see their stock […]
  • EU Pressures Big U.S. Tech Companies: Apple, Google, Meta Under Scrutiny The European Union (EU) has launched an investigation into big tech corporations just 18 days after initiating the Digital Markets Act (DMA). The companies under scrutiny are Apple, Google (Alphabet), and Meta, with the EU examining whether these corporations have violated the DMA regarding allowing external payments, search exposure, and personal data collection. The companies […]
  • Apple CEO Tim Cook Commits to Increased Investment in China Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, who is currently visiting China, met with Chinese Commerce Minister of Commerce Wang Wentao and promised more investment in China. According to the Chinese Ministry of Commerce’s website and state-run English newspaper China Daily on the 23rd, the two met in Beijing on the 22nd. China Daily released a […]
  • Apple's Vision Pro Set to Release in China Within This Year Tim Cook hints at Vision Pro launch in ChinaCan it overcome Apple’s sluggish sales? Apple appears set to launch its virtual reality device, ‘Vision Pro,’ in China sometime this year. On the 25th (local time), CNBC reported that Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, confirmed in a video from China’s state-run CCTV that the Vision Pro would […]
  • DOJ vs. Apple: Antitrust Lawsuit Lacks Bite, Bloomberg Analysis Suggests Criticism has emerged, labeling the antitrust lawsuit filed against Apple by the U.S. Department of Justice as “outdated.” While it’s true that Apple restricts competitors with its closed ecosystem, proving that its monopoly has harmed consumers is challenging. On the 24th, a Bloomberg correspondent specializing in Apple, Mark Gurman, claimed in a newsletter, “The Department […]
  • How Did Nvidia Become an AI Chip Powerhouse? Nvidia, a U.S. semiconductor company, is a primary beneficiary of the AI boom. Since early last year, its stock price has surged by about 450%, and its market capitalization has exceeded $2 trillion. Nvidia has now established itself as the third highest-valued company in the U.S., following Microsoft and Apple. Nvidia’s growth is steep. Its […]
  • Apple in Talks with Baidu for AI Integration: A Shift in Strategy? Apple CEO Tim Cook greeted attendees at the grand opening of the new flagship Apple Store, Jing’an, in Shanghai, China, on the 21st (local time). /Xinhua=Newsis Apple is reportedly considering incorporating Baidu’s AI model Ernie Bot into its devices sold in China, such as the iPhone. According to the Wall Street Journal (WSJ), on the […]
  • Apple Faces Antitrust Probe from U.S. and EU Authorities, Threatened with Sanctions Apple Faces Sanctions from U.S. and European Regulatory AuthoritiesCompeting in the Market with Advanced Technology Apple, the manufacturer of the iPhone, is now under sanctions from U.S. and European regulatory authorities. Apple’s closed ecosystem has come under scrutiny. According to the Financial Times, on the 21st (local time), the U.S. Department of Justice and 16 […]
  • Apple's CEO Tim Cook Hits the Ground in China: Here's Why Tim Cook of Apple has finally made a personal visit due to a slowdown in sales in China. Apple CEO Tim Cook met with suppliers, including Biel Crystal, on the 20th as sales in China decreased, emphasizing China’s importance in the supply chain. Cook revealed on his SNS post that he enjoyed a local breakfast […]
  • Google's Gemini AI Engine May Soon Power Features on Apple's iPhone, Sources Say Apple is in talks to integrate Google’s Gemini into the iPhone. Bloomberg reported on Monday, citing a source, that Apple is in discussions to incorporate Google’s Gemini AI engine into the iPhone, according to a report on the 18th. According to the source, the negotiations involve a Gemini license for some new features to be […]
  • Apple Foldable iPhone Launch Date Shifts From Late 2026 to Early 2027 The release date for the anticipated foldable iPhone by Apple has been adjusted. On the 18th, a high-ranking official familiar with Apple’s internal affairs told Alpha Economy, “We plan to start selling the foldable iPhone a bit later than expected after making thorough preparations, including securing the supply of foldable displays.” The initial sales date […]
  • Why Did Apple Drop Their Apple Car Project After a Decade? Apple’s decision to fold the Apple Car project, a venture they had nurtured for 10 years, was disappointing news for Apple enthusiasts anticipating their dream electric car. What could have led Apple to abandon the Apple Car project that they invested in for a decade? The answer seems to lie in their overly ambitious concept […]
  • M3 MacBook Air Finally Unveiled, "It's 13x Faster Than Its Predecessor" Following the release of the M3 MacBook Pro last October, the latest MacBook Air equipped with the M3 chip was finally unveiled on the 4th. Source: Apple The new MacBook Air uses a 3-nanometer-based M3 chipset, making it 60% faster than the previous M1 model, and 13 times faster than the previous Intel models. Additionally, […]
  • How Apple's M3 Chip Redefines MacBook AI Functionality The new Apple MacBook Air is equipped with an M3 chip./Photo provided by Apple Apple recently unveiled a new MacBook Air with its self-developed SoC (System-on-Chip), the “M3.” The MacBook Air is one of Apple’s most popular PC products, but this new product was quietly launched without a separate introduction event. Despite the quiet launch, […]
  • Apple's China Struggle: Huawei's Success Signals Shift in Consumer Preference Huawei Smartphones, Priced $200 More Than iPhones, See Sales Surge Despite unprecedented discounts, Apple iPhone sales in China have plummeted due to the “Guochao” trend, which signifies the rise of patriotic consumption. According to market research firm Counterpoint, quoted by US CNN and Reuters on the 5th, iPhone sales in China have decreased by 24% […]
  • Huawei Overtakes Apple in China's Smartphone Market Amid Sales Surge Apple’s iPhone sales in China have plummeted, falling behind Huawei. According to Counterpoint, on the 5th, Apple faced intensified competition with Chinese companies such as Huawei in the first six weeks of 2024, resulting in a 24% decrease in iPhone sales in China compared to last year. On the other hand, Huawei, Apple’s main competitor […]
  • YouTube Usage Per Korean Exceeds 40 Hours a Month YouTube is considered the most popular video platform. How much time do Koreans spend on YouTube? A recent study revealed that the average monthly usage time per user in South Korea exceeds 40 hours. Wiseapp·Retail·Goods (Hereinafter, WiseApp), an application and retail analysis service, recently announced its analysis of the changes in YouTube app usage time, […]
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