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  • South Korea's Loudspeaker Attack Has North Korea on Edge The South Korean military significantly increased the operating hours of the loudspeakers to exert intense pressure on North Korea.
  • ‘South Korea Must Pay More’: Trump’s Potential Return Sparks Defense Spending Debate The former National Security Adviser Robert O'Brien strongly urged South Korea to increase its defense spending.
  • Philippines Plans Defense Budget Boost to Overcome Chinese Pressure The Philippines is reportedly considering increasing its defense budget to exceed 1% of its Gross Domestic Product.
  • U.S. Army Strikes $4.5 Billion Deal with Lockheed Martin for Advanced Missile Defense The U.S. Army has signed a multi-year contract worth $4.5 billion for Lockheed Martin's air defense Patriot missile system.
  • U.S. Gunship AC-130J Fires Up in South Korea: Joint Air Exercises Heat Up The Air Force announced on the 20th that the U.S. AC-130J special operations aircraft conducted Close Air Support (CAS) training with...
  • Advanced P-8A Poseidon Aircraft Boost U.S.-Korea Naval Defense On the 19th, three new maritime patrol aircraft, the P-8A Poseidon, arrived at the Pohang Naval Air Command.
  • From Promises to Payments: NATO Countries Fulfill Defense Pledges NATO member countries have started to significantly increase their defense spending after observing Russia’s invasion of Ukraine for nearly two years. This year, more than half of the 32 member countries are expected to spend the defense cost-sharing agreed upon in 2006 as promised. According to CNBC, Secretary General of NATO Jens Stoltenberg met with […]
  • Lobbying War: Chinese Biotech Beats U.S. Security Law The U.S. Biosecurity Law has been halted due to active lobbying by Chinese biotech companies while it was expected to be enacted this year.
  • Japan's Defense Nightmare: Budget Slashed by 30% Due to Yen Depreciation Japan has secured a defense budget of 43 trillion yen over five years but lost 30% of its value due to a historic yen depreciation.
  • North Korean 'Trash Balloons' Target Airports, Authorities Respond If a balloon dispersed by North Korea collides with an aircraft, it could cause engine failure or fire, potentially leading to...
  • U.S. Defense Giant and Hanwha Supplies Cutting-Edge Tech to Australian Military Northrop Grumman will supply Redback Infantry Fighting Vehicle cannons to Hanwha Aerospace's Australian subsidiary for armored carriers.
  • North Korea Fires Short-Range Missiles, U.S.-Japan-South Korea Respond with Strong Condemnation The defense ministers of South Korea, the U.S., and Japan strongly condemned North Korea's continuous reckless acts.
  • Does Elon Musk Have a Seat Reserved in Politics? The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) reported on the 29th (local time) that the relationship between former President Donald Trump, who is seeking re-election in the upcoming U.S. presidential election, and Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, is becoming increasingly close. Citing a source, WSJ reported that Trump, a Republican presidential candidate, and Musk have been discussing […]
  • Eco-Friendly Biden or Defense-Friendly Trump: Who's the Better Candidate? Korea Investment & Securities forecasted on the 30th that if President Joe Biden is re-elected in the U.S. election, green energy-related stocks will rise, whereas if former President Donald Trump is elected, defense and other industries will benefit. Choi Bo Won, an analyst at Korea Investment & Securities, predicted potential beneficiaries should President Biden be […]
  • Rocket Alert! North Korea Notifies Japan of Imminent Satellite Launch Just before the trilateral summit between South Korea, China, and Japan on the 27th, North Korea inf ...
  • Cold War 2.0? China and U.S. Lock Horns Over Defense Sales to Taiwan The Chinese government announced additional sanctions against 12 U.S. defense companies following its earlier imposition of sanctions...
  • U.S. Defense Vulnerability Exposed by Rising Climate Extremes There are projections that the increasingly frequent occurrence of extreme abnormal weather conditio ...
  • North Korea Outraged by U.S. 'Counter-Terrorism Non-Cooperation' Designation North Korea has protested against the United States for designating them as a "counterterrorism non-cooperator" for not cooperating with...
  • North Korean Leader Kim's Surprising Sniper Skills Revealed Kim Jong Un, the North Korean leader, conducted on-site guidance at key defense industry companies u ...
  • Is China Behind the UK Defense Ministry Data Breach? Amid increased crackdowns on spy incidents linked to China and Russia, allegations have emerged that Chinese-linked hackers have infiltrated the UK military’s payroll system. The BBC and Sky News reported on the 7th (local time) that hackers related to China are suspected of infiltrating the payroll system, which contains the names and bank information of […]
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  • South Korea’s Loudspeaker Attack Has North Korea on Edge


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