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  • Saudi Arabia Chooses Chinese Yuan Over US Dollar: Global Markets React Reports from industry sources reveal that the Petrodollar agreement between Saudi Arabia and the United States expired on the 9th.
  • Interest Rates Hold Firm as Fed Evaluates Economic Growth The U.S. has once again frozen its benchmark interest rate. The U.S. Federal Reserve (Fed) announced on the 12th (local time) that it unanimously decided to maintain the benchmark interest rate at its current level following the regular meeting of the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC). The Fed, which had aggressively raised interest rates until […]
  • UAE Backs US Restrictions on Semiconductors Exports To China The United Arab Emirates has supported the U.S.'s export restrictions on large-scale AI accelerators to Middle Eastern countries.
  • China's Rare Earth Monopoly Under Threat: Greenland's Minerals to the Rescue? The world's largest rare earth deposit in Greenland has been sold to Critical Metals, a Special Purpose Acquisition Company (SPAC).
  • Goldman Sachs Predicts a Sizzling Stock Market This Summer! In an investment report on June 6, Goldman Sachs indicated that they are observing more positive signals in the market this summer.
  • Modi's Victory Already Harming Indian Economy as Market Plunges Prime Minister Narendra Modi has succeeded in his third consecutive term in the Indian general elections. Contrary to the exit poll results predicting a landslide victory for Modi’s ruling party, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), the main stock market index in India plummeted as the BJP failed to secure a majority of seats during the […]
  • Tesla's May Sales in China Drop 6.6% Despite April Rebound, Jan-May Figures Show Decline Tesla's sales in China in May 2024 amounted to only 72,573 units, down 6.6% from last year. The slide came after an 18% fall in April that...
  • Microsoft's $3.2 Billion Nordic Bet: AI and Cloud Expansion Across Scandinavia Microsoft has been working to promote the adoption of AI not just in Sweden but across all of Northern Europe.
  • U.S. Shoppers Beware: Fiji Water Issues Recall Over Contamination Concerns Fiji Water has initiated a recall in the United States due to exceeding the standard levels of manganese and bacteria.
  • How Cathie Wood Let Billions Slip Away with Early NVIDIA Sale Cathie Wood has drawn attention due to claims she missed out on a nearly $723 million profit by selling all her shares last year in NVIDIA.
  • Pennsylvania Could Supply 40% of U.S. Lithium Demand A research team at the University of Pittsburgh has suggested the possibility of large-scale lithium extraction in Pennsylvania.
  • Samsung Workers Strike for the First Time: A Historic Labor Showdown The National Samsung Electronics Union (NSEU) has decided to go on strike for the first time since the establishment of Samsung Electronics.
  • Strike Alert! Canada's Second-Largest Copper Mine Faces Shutdown Canada's second-largest Gibraltar copper-molybdenum mine is on the verge of production suspension. A ...
  • China Chooses iPhone: Apple's Smart Strategy Leads to a 52% Sales Increase iPhone, Apple's flagship product, saw a 52% increase in shipments in China last month, bouncing back ...
  • Goldman Sachs Predicts Surge in Oil Demand Through 2034: What's Driving the Growth? Goldman Sachs has predicted a continuous increase in global oil demand. This seems to consider the s ...
  • Cathie Wood Bets Big on Elon Musk's Latest AI Venture Cathie Wood has bet on xAI, an artificial intelligence (AI) startup founded by Elon Musk. She has al ...
  • Why Delta Airlines Is Less Affected by Boeing's Safety Issues Analysts have pointed out that Delta Air Lines is most flexible regarding aircraft problems and the ...
  • China's Love for Pets Fuels Multi-Billion Dollar Industry Despite economic downturns, China's pet market (petconomy) has a high growth rate. In particular, th ...
  • How the 2024 Election Could Reshape America's Energy Landscape Wood Mackenzie predicts that if Donald Trump wins the U.S. presidential election this November, the situation regarding the U.S.’s transition to electric and renewable energy could significantly change. It is estimated that $1 trillion in clean energy investment could be at risk due to policy changes that might occur under a second Trump administration. Former […]
  • Fed Officials Question if Current Policies are Enough to Tame Inflation Most Federal Reserve (Fed) members have questioned whether monetary policies are restrictive enough to bring inflation down to target levels.
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