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  • North Korea Fires Short-Range Missiles, U.S.-Japan-South Korea Respond with Strong Condemnation The defense ministers of South Korea, the U.S., and Japan strongly condemned North Korea's continuous reckless acts.
  • Military Alert: North Korea's Recent Missile Test Raises Alarm The presidential office held a security situation review meeting on the 30th, chaired by Second Deputy Director Yin Sung Hwan of the Office of National Security, in response to North Korea’s launch of short-range ballistic missiles (SRBMs). According to the presidential office, the security situation review meeting was held immediately after North Korea’s missile launch that […]
  • North Korea Fires Over 10 Missiles into the Sea of Japan, Seoul on High Alert North Korea continues its provocations against the South, launching a barrage of short-range ballist ...
  • Kim Jong Un Gears Up for Putin: North Korea Boosts Arms Sales Kim Jong Un was seen whispering to his daughter Ju Ae during the completion ceremony of Jonwi Street ...
  • South Korean Navy Fires First-Ever Guided Missile in Joint Sea Combat Training The Republic of Korea Navy's (ROKN) Chuncheon ship (FFG-II) is pictured firing a Haegung surface-to- ...
  • North Korean Missiles in Ukraine: Analysis Shows High Failure Rate An official examines a North Korean missile fired by Russia in Kharkiv, Ukraine, last January—/Reute ...
  • Tel Aviv Under Fire: Iraqi Militant Group Targets Israeli Capital for the First Time Reuters reported that the Iran-backed Iraqi armed group known as the Islamic Resistance launched several missile attacks toward Israel on the 2nd (local time). According to the sources, the group carried out the attack using multiple cruise missiles, and it was the first time they targeted Tel Aviv, the capital of Israel. Along with this, […]
  • Breaking: North Korean Missiles Identified in Ukraine Attack Debris of North Korean ballistic missile found in Kharkiv, Ukraine (Ukraine/Reuters) Reuters reported on April 29th that a UN investigation team has confirmed the origin of the ballistic missile that struck Kharkiv, Ukraine, last January. The debris, found in a residential area in central Kharkiv on January 2nd, has been identified as being from North […]
  • Supersonic Strike: Israel Uses New Missile on Iran Amidst the news, it has emerged that part of the air defense system at Iran’s Isfahan military base was damaged due to an Israeli airstrike. Israeli media, including Kan, reported on the 21st (local time) that Israel used the Rampage air-to-ground missile in the strike. Rampage, a new air-to-surface missile unveiled by Israel in 2018, […]
  • Iran vs Israel: Fallout of a Massive Missile and Drone Attack On the 22nd (local time), Iran, which had suggested a possible review of nuclear principles while exchanging limited attacks with Israel, drew the line on the possibility of developing nuclear weapons. According to United News, Nasir Khanani, the spokesman for the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, held a press conference that morning and stated that […]
  • North Korea's New Missile Test: A Bold Challenge to U.S. Security North Korea’s Missile Bureau conducted a power test of the Hwasal-1 Ra-3 strategic cruise missile’s extra-large warhead and a test launch of the new anti-aircraft missile Pyoltsi-1-2 in the West Sea on the afternoon of the 19th, according to a report by the Korean Central News Agency on the 20th./Yonhap News North Korea has signaled […]
  • 17 Killed in Ukraine: Russian Missile Strike Ignites U.S. Aid Debate Amid uncertainty caused by the opposition of the hardline Republican opposition, Zelenskyy remarked, “If there had been sufficient air defense equipment, such incidents would not have occurred.” On the morning of the 17th (local time), a Russian missile struck the city of Chernihiv in northern Ukraine, resulting in at least 17 fatalities. Ukrainian President Volodymyr […]
  • Breaking: Israel Fires Back at Iran with Missile Attack Six days after being attacked by Iran on the 13th, Israel retaliated. On the 19th (local time), ABC News in the U.S. reported that a missile launched by Israel struck a target within Iran. According to the report, the fact of Israel’s retaliation was confirmed by U.S. officials. However, it is unclear whether places in […]
  • EU Decides to Impose More Sanctions Against Iran, Targeting Missile and Drone Production Preventing large-scale Israeli retaliation is keyEU foreign ministers to discuss further on May 22 Leaders of the 27 European Union (EU) countries agreed on the 17th (local time) to strengthen sanctions against Iran, which attacked Israel. EU member states attended a special EU summit in Brussels, Belgium, where they decided to tighten sanctions against Iran […]
  • C-17A: U.S. Air Force's Secret Weapon Revealed - Part 3 First airborne operation performed in the Iraq War In January 1995, the U.S. 17th Airlift Squadron was established, marking the inception of the first squadron comprising C-17As, which subsequently entered operational service. Presently, the U.S. Air Force’s C-17As are under the operation of the Air Mobility Command. The C-17A made its combat debut during Operation […]
  • Zelenskyy Pleads for Help: 'We're Running Out of Missiles' Appeal for Allied Support Amid Intensified Russian AttacksEmphasis on the Need for 25 U.S. Patriot Missiles Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has called on allied nations for support, cautioning that the country’s missile supplies are running low. According to The Independent on the 6th (local time), Zelenskyy disclosed this in an interview with Ukraine TV. “If […]
  • Second Korean War Looms: Kim Jong Un's Aggression Could Spell Disaster North Korea is unlikely to hold an advantageous position in any preemptive strikeConcerns over the destructive impact on the global economy and semiconductor supply chain Amid speculations of a potential second Korean War on the Korean Peninsula, Bloomberg reported on the 3rd that Kim Jong Un would likely face destruction in most Korean War scenarios. […]
  • Japan's Type 12 Surface-to-Ship Missile: Rising Power in Ground Self-Defense Force-Part 3 Future Developments: Extending the Reach and Stealth Capabilities According to the reports, the new missile will be developed based on the existing ground-to-ship missile. The Japanese Ministry of Defense will increase the range of the truck-mounted Type 12 ground-to-ship guided missile deployed on Miyako Island in the Okinawa and Miyako Strait from 93 to 124 […]
  • Japan's Type 12 Surface-to-Ship Missile: Rising Power in Ground Self-Defense Force-Part 2 The Type 12 ground-to-ship missile system comprises two search and detection radars, a relay device, command and control equipment, fire control devices, and missile launch vehicles. Each missile launch vehicle can carry up to six missiles and can be deployed in numbers ranging from one to four. Additionally, there is a vehicle that transports spare […]
  • Japan's Type 12 Surface-to-Ship Missile: Rising Power in Ground Self-Defense Force-Part 1 The maximum range is 124 miles, depending on the flight methodAdded high-angle firing function for cliff neutralizationHave a total of 104 surface-to-ship launch vehicles (6 shots)1243 miles range surface-to-ship missiles are also developed Compared to the previous Type 88, the Type 12 has been upgraded with cost savings, increased range, GPS installation, and improved evasive […]
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