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  • How Microsoft and Google Are Helping China Bypass U.S. Chip Export Controls Reports have emerged that Microsoft and Google have provided Nvidia AI chips to Chinese companies through their overseas data centers.
  • Cathie Wood: Nvidia’s AI Triumphs Could Hit ‘Short-Term Indigestion’ Phase ARK CEO Cathie Wood has once again expressed a negative outlook on Nvidia, the biggest beneficiary of the recent AI boom.
  • AMD to Enhance Software Development with Silo AI Acquisition Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) is competing its AI capabilities with industry leader NVIDIA. AMD announced on the 10th that it will acquire Finnish startup Silo AI for $665 million in cash to improve the capabilities of its AI chips. Silo AI CEO Peter Sarlin will continue to lead the unit as part of the AMD […]
  • Tesla vs. Nvidia: ETFs Show Winners and Losers in Latest Stock Battle Nvidia and Tesla have shown divergent stock price trends, leading to mixed results for ETFs holding these stocks. 
  • Nvidia's Stock: Is the Bubble About to Burst? US Wall Street market analysis firm, adjusted its investment opinion on Nvidia from "buy" to "neutral" the previous day.
  • Nvidia's Secret Black Market: Chips Sold Illegally in China - Here's How They're Doing It Nvidia's advanced semiconductors, crucial for AI development, are widely distributed in China through the black market.
  • Genius Engineer Proposes with a Ring of Concrete, Symbolizing Everlasting Love An engineer from a prestigious Chinese university proposed to his girlfriend with a concrete ring he made using his self-developed technology.
  • Nvidia Backs Lambda Labs in Massive $800 Million Capital Boost Lambda Labs, a partner of Nvidia, is currently in talks to raise an additional $800 million, according to the Financial Times (FT) on June 29. Lambda, a cloud infrastructure startup, rents servers that utilize Nvidia’s AI graphics semiconductors (GPUs). This move aims to secure GPUs, which are currently in short supply, by leveraging the AI […]
  • France Takes Aim at Nvidia: Big Tech Battle Heats Up France is expected to become the first enforcer of European antitrust regulations against tech giant Nvidia.
  • How NVIDIA's Early Bet on AI Paid Off Big Time On June 26, Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang, stated, “Nvidia’s dominance in the AI chip field was due to a decision made over a decade ago.” Speaking at the annual shareholders meeting that day, Huang said, “With billions of dollars in AI investments and a team made up of thousands of engineers, we have become an […]
  • NVIDIA Execs Cash Out, Stock Drops 6% in One Day Amid a 6% plunge in a single day, NVIDIA CEO and other executives' stock sales have been pointed out as fueling investor anxiety.
  • How Short Sellers Cashed in on Nvidia's Decline Nvidia short sellers have made a profit through a three-day sell-off. According to data analysis company Ortex Technologies on the 25th (local time), Nvidia short sellers made about $5 billion in paper profits through a drastic sell-off over the previous three rounds. Furthermore, with Nvidia’s 6.6% drop on Monday, short sellers raked in $2.4 billion, […]
  • The AI Bubble: Bursting Soon? Nvidia and Others Lose Ground NVIDIA has been struggling since it briefly became the most valuable publicly traded US company last week.
  • NVIDIA: A Titan in Tech, Yet Invisible in Brand Rankings According to CNBC on the 23rd (local time), AI chipmaker NVIDIA became the most valuable publicly traded U.S. company for the first time last week, but its brand recognition among the public is not on par. CNBC explained that NVIDIA failed to land on the list of 100 best-known brands released by Interbrand in November […]
  • NVIDIA's Boom: How Stock Options Turned Employees into Millionaires! Benzinga estimated that employees who joined Nvidia five years ago have become millionaires, thanks to the company's stock price soaring.
  • AI Sparks a New Era for Electric Grid, Says Nvidia CEO "The future of digital intelligence is quite bright, and so the future of the energy sector is bright, too."
  • How Nvidia Became the Leader of the AI Era On June 18, Nvidia, a leading Artificial Intelligence (AI) stock, overtook both Microsoft Corporation (MS) and Apple to become the world’s largest company by market capitalization. Analysts interpret this as a signal that the AI era has officially arrived, as Nvidia has now overtaken Apple, which opened the smartphone era, Google, and MS, a leader in […]
  • Lawsuit Against NVIDIA CEO Sent to the Supreme Court The U.S. Supreme Court has decided to hear a lawsuit appealed by NVIDIA this October. NVIDIA, a major beneficiary of the artificial intelligence (AI) boom, appealed a class-action lawsuit brought by shareholders. On the 17, CNBC reported that the U.S. Supreme Court has accepted NVIDIA’s appeal against a class-action lawsuit filed by shareholders against NVIDIA’s […]
  • Nvidia Lawsuit Reaches the Supreme Court The U.S. Supreme Court is hearing a lawsuit about Nvidia’s cryptocurrency mining profits. Nvidia plans to aggressively assert its stance against the lower court’s decision. According to industry insiders on the 18th, the U.S. Supreme Court accepted Nvidia’s appeal against the lower court’s verdict. The Supreme Court plans to review Nvidia’s arguments in its next […]
  • Apple Reigns Supreme: Back at #1 in Market Cap After Latest AI Announcement According to Reuters, Apple has surpassed Microsoft Corporation (MS) to become the most valuable company in market capitalization as the trading closed on June 13. Apple’s market capitalization has exceeded that of Microsoft Corporation (MS), taking the top spot. This comes after Apple’s stock price rose by 8.8% over four trading days following the announcement […]
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