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  • Is This the End of Biden’s Run? Top Democrats and Obama Weigh In U.S. President Joe Biden is facing intense demands from within the Democratic Party to withdraw his candidacy.
  • Biden Dropping Out? Pelosi Hints at a Shocking Election Decision ormer Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi suggested that Biden is nearing a decision not to pursue a second presidential term.
  • Don Jr. Says Shooting Incident Transformed His Father's Approach Don Trump Jr. has stated that his father has changed significantly following a recent assassination attempt of his fatther.
  • Biden Goes into Isolation: COVID-19 Halts President's Nevada Campaign Plans President Joe Biden has canceled his scheduled events due to a positive COVID-19 diagnosis.
  • Trump Proposes 60% Tariffs on Chinese Goods If Republican candidate Donald Trump wins the November election, it could pose a significant risk to China's economic growth.
  • Trump Promises Tough Stance on China, EU with New Tariff Threats Donald Trump warned the Federal Reserve (Fed) not to lower the benchmark interest rate before the November election.
  • Trump Braves GOP Convention with Bandaged Ear, Days After Assassination Attempt Donald Trump, with his injured right ear covered in bandage, made a robust appearance at the Republican National Convention.
  • Trump's Bloodied Image Now a Best-Selling T-Shirt – Supporters Rally Online The attempted assassination of Former US President Donald Trump has spawned a frenzy of online merchandise.
  • 'Trump Loyalist' Vance Nominated as Republican Vice Presidential Candidate Donald Trump chose his vice-presidential candidate, J.D. Vance, a 39-year-old hardline conservative U.S. Senator.
  • Teamsters Union May Ditch Biden: A Major Blow for Democrats? 1.3 million-member Teamsters union representing trucking workers is considering backing no candidate in the upcoming U.S. presidential race.
  • Trump Unscathed in Rally Shooting: What This Means for U.S. Election Dynamics Republicans will support Trump regardless; Democratic turnout might increase due to crisis and distrust in Biden
  • Yoon and Biden’s Nuclear Deal in Jeopardy After Trump Attack? The recent shooting of former president Donald Trump prompted the South Korean government to monitor the situation closely.
  • Bitcoin Surges Past $61,000 Due to 'Trump Effect' On the 14th, supporters of Trump, the Republican presidential candidate, continued their support parade with pickets in California.
  • Trump is Free: Meta Lifts Restriction on His Accounts Meta announced on Saturday that it would lift some restrictions on former U.S. President Donald Trump's Facebook and Instagram accounts.
  • AR-15 vs. TAC-50: Which Sniper Rifle Packs the Deadliest Punch? The most significant distinguishing feature of a sniper rifle from the small arms of the military or police is its 10x magnification scope.
  • Biden Boosts Swing States with $1.7 Billion EV Industry Support Amid Election Pressures Biden, facing pressure to step down as a candidate, has announced a policy fund of over $1.7 billion to aid the electric vehicle industry.
  • Biden Busts Rumors: Early Bedtime? Fake News! President Joe Biden held a press conference. He acknowledged the need to pace himself during the meeting to perform presidential duties.
  • Jill Biden Declares 'All In' to Presidential Race Despite Health Rumors First Lady Jill Biden has reiterated her stance that her husband will not withdraw from the presidential race.
  • Bernie Sanders Believes Biden Can Defeat 'Most Dangerous President' Bernie Sanders openly defended President Biden despite health concerns about the presidential election. Sanders is a year older than Biden.
  • Trump's Crypto Promises vs. Biden's Regulatory Push: Who Will Prevail? The leading cryptocurrency has been on a downward trend for three consecutive days, nearing the levels seen last February.
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    Barcelona Bumps Up Tourist Tax: Travel Just Got Pricier!


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    Tesla Cybertruck Outsells Ford F-150 Lightning in May


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    First-of-its-Kind Suicide Capsule to be Used in Switzerland


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    South Korea's Loudspeaker Attack Has North Korea on Edge


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