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  • First-of-its-Kind Suicide Capsule to be Used in Switzerland A "suicide capsule" that allows voluntary assisted suicide for patients is expected to be used for the first time in Switzerland.
  • Dubai Princess Drops Divorce Bomb on Instagram Just Months After Baby's Birth A princess from Dubai, UAE, announced her divorce from her husband on Instagram just two months after giving birth to their child.
  • Chinese Companies Caught Forcing Pregnancy Tests on Job Applicants Companies in China that have forced new female employees to undergo pregnancy tests have been exposed by prosecutors.
  • Chinese Man Uses Drone to Expose Wife's Affair with Her Boss The drone footage recorded by the man reveals his wife driving into a secluded wooded area and entering a mud hut with a man.
  • YouTuber Shares 36-Week Abortion Process, Vlogging Gone Too Far? A 36-week pregnant YouTuber has sparked outrage by publicly sharing her abortion process. Online reactions are filled with fury.
  • Chinese Game Company Locked Employee in a Dark Room to Make Him Quit A Chinese company was ordered to pay compensation for forcing an employee to resign by leaving them in a dark room for three days.
  • Samsung Workers Declare Indefinite Strike: Demands and Disruptions The National Samsung Electronics Union (NSEU) has declared an indefinite general strike starting this month.
  • Trader Joe's Seasoning Sparks Customs Chaos for South Korean Travelers Incidents involving inspection and confiscation at Korean customs are arising due to "Everything but the Bagel Sesame" from Trader Joe's.
  • Man Caught Adding Substance to Woman's Drink, Suspected to be His Sperm A man who secretly added a strange substance to a drink was caught on surveillance camera, prompting the police to launch a search.
  • Lost Your Pet? China's Pet Detectives are on the Case! With the increase of pet owners in China, a new profession that helps find lost pets is gaining popularity: pet detectives.
  • Woman Offers $10K Reward to Find Beloved Lost Dog A Taiwanese woman offered a $10,000 reward to find her lost dog. Some questioned her sincerity due to the amount but...
  • Nightclub Kiss Horror: 22-Year-Old's Battle with Infectious 'Kissing Disease' A story has emerged about a young British woman who contracted the so-called kissing disease after kissing a man she met at a club.
  • Genius Engineer Proposes with a Ring of Concrete, Symbolizing Everlasting Love An engineer from a prestigious Chinese university proposed to his girlfriend with a concrete ring he made using his self-developed technology.
  • Why Everyone in China is Obsessed with Petting Sheep Butts In front of the visitors, sheep were lined up and tied to ropes. The tourists petted the sheep's rumps as they walked by, laughing.
  • Russian Woman Survives 14 Years in Captivity as a Sex Prisoner In Russia, a man is under fire for allegedly imprisoning a minor for 14 years and raping her thousands of times.
  • Senior Citizens Outraged After Being Banned from Gym in Ageist Policy Row A hotel gym in Daegu has sparked controversy by deciding to restrict the registration and use of its facilities for seniors aged 76 and older. According to related industry sources on June 18, a four-star hotel gym in Suseong-gu, Daegu, posted a notice stating, “Customers aged 76 and older are not allowed to register as members […]
  • Breaking the Cycle: The Impact of Family and Society on Juvenile Offenders With the continuous rise in juvenile crime, the severity and diversity of offenses are also increasing. As the age of offenders continues to decrease, there are many different opinions regarding the age of juvenile defenders. The Ministry of Justice has already announced a legislative proposal to lower the age of criminal responsibility to 13 years […]
  • South Korea Scores $500M Legal Victory in U.S. Supreme Court Battle The South Korean government has been confirmed to win the lawsuit for damages of $500 million, brought against by Blenheim Capital.
  • Putin Breaks Rules with Luxury Gift to North Korea's Kim Russian President Vladimir Putin gifted North Korean leader Kim Jong Un with a top-of-the-line Russian-made limousine.
  • Not on the Menu: Paper Mishap at Major Burger Joint On the 19th, Yonhap News reported that an office worker in Seoul encountered an issue while having lunch at a nearby McDonald’s on the 15th. He noticed something unusual in his food, which turned out to be the wax paper used to store patties. After this incident, the office worker researched similar past occurrences and […]
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  • First-of-its-Kind Suicide Capsule to be Used in Switzerland
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    Hollywood's Next Big Hits: Top 10 Upcoming Movies You Can't Miss


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    Barcelona Bumps Up Tourist Tax: Travel Just Got Pricier!


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    Tesla Cybertruck Outsells Ford F-150 Lightning in May


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    South Korea's Loudspeaker Attack Has North Korea on Edge


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    Russia Hints at Nuclear Options in Response to U.S. Missile Plans in Germany


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