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  • Can Virtual Reality Cure Depression? New Study Offers Hope Researchers have discovered that virtual reality therapy can effectively treat depression.The study ...
  • Men, Beware: Low Testosterone Could Shorten Your Life A recent study has found a correlation between lower testosterone levels and an increased risk of mo ...
  • Think Twice Before You Snack: Deadly Risks of Processed Foods The impact of the overall quality of one's diet on mortality has been found to be higher than the co ...
  • Busting Myths: New Study Shows Zinc Doesn't Prevent Colds A study suggests that zinc does not significantly impact the treatment and prevention of the common cold.
  • Major Recall on Fluoxetine Capsules Over Potential Cancer Risk Recall of drugs containing nitrosamine impurities has led to a sanction of drugs made up of fluoxeti ...
  • Are You Ignoring These Common Skin Conditions? Sensitive people often experience seasonal skin changes. Dermatitis, a common inflammatory skin diso ...
  • 10 Indispensable Flossing Tips for Stronger Teeth The average number of cavities in Korean children is about twice the global average of 1.61. Additio ...
  • Say Cheese! The Unexpected Health Booster in Your Fridge Cheese is made by extracting casein from milk and fermenting it with microbes and enzymes. Its history dates back to ancient Egypt around 2300 BC, as evidenced by its discovery in ancient Egyptian pottery. Cheese is rich in protein, fats, and vitamins, and above all, it’s a delicious fermented food. Let’s now explore the amazing […]
  • E-Cigarettes Linked to 19% Higher Risk of Heart Failure, Study Finds A recent study suggests that people who use e-cigarettes face a significantly higher risk of develop ...
  • Unlocking the Health Benefits of Broccoli: More Than Just a Green Veggie Broccoli might not be the most appetizing vegetable to munch on, but this tiny green powerhouse is packed with nutrients that benefit our health. If you find it challenging to eat it daily, why not try varying your cooking methods to make it a regular part of your diet? Today, we will delve into the […]
  • Medicine and Surgery Beat Diet Control in Prolonging Weight Loss A recent study has found that weight loss surgery and medication treatment significantly extend the duration of weight loss compared to diet control. The study published in the Obesity Journal reveals that obesity surgery and GLP-1 drug treatment affect the mechanism of appetite control, significantly extending the duration of weight loss compared to diet control. […]
  • Nutcracker Syndrome: Hidden Health Risk Thin People Need to Know About Everyone desires a slim body. To achieve this, many try to reduce food intake and increase physical ...
  • Avocados: The Tasty Secret to Preventing Diabetes in Women A recent study showed the effectiveness of avocados in preventing diabetes in women. The correlation between avocado consumption and the risk of diabetes is published in the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Diabetes. In Mexico, 15.2% of the adult population, which is about 12.8 million adults, have diabetes. Diabetes can lead to serious […]
  • Breakthrough Study: Cancer Diagnosed in Minutes with New Blood Test A study has revealed that a dried blood spot test can diagnose cancer within a few minutes. The stud ...
  • Breast Cancer Survivors Are at Higher Risk for These Cancers Research has found that individuals with a history of breast cancer are at an increased risk of developing other types of cancer. A study published in The Lancet Regional Health reveals that both men and women with a history of breast cancer are at a higher risk of developing other types of cancer. Researchers from […]
  • Debate Over Breast Cancer Screening: Age 40 or 50 for Mammograms? There’s a growing belief that regular mammograms for breast cancer screening should begin at age 40 rather than the previously recommended age of 50. The U.S. Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) has stated that women between the ages of 40 and 74 should have a mammogram every two years, based on an analysis of seven […]
  • 10 Science Behind the Struggle to Quit Smoking Statistics show that 70% of male smokers in South Korea wish to quit smoking. The need to quit arise ...
  • How to Bake Perfectly Crispy Chocolate Chip Cookies Every Time ​Today, I will introduce a chocolate cookie that lets you enjoy a crispy texture and a sweet flavor. ...
  • Why Oatmeal Bread Is the New Must-Try Recipe of the Year ​For those of you who have always been fascinated by oatmeal, as often depicted in foreign movies an ...
  • Caught a Cold? These 5 Foods Could Make It Worse It's relatively easy to catch a cold on days when the temperature fluctuates wildly. Your symptoms c ...
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