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  • Biden Submits Defense Budget to Congress, Prioritizing Deterrence Against China The Biden administration has compiled next year’s defense budget, which includes plans to swiftly provide weapons to Taiwan in the same manner as it supported Ukraine and to invest heavily in anti-ship missiles in preparation for naval warfare with China. Despite the austerity budget trend due to astronomical fiscal deficits, it conveys a message to […]
  • Lethal Capabilities of JASSM-ER Missiles: Countering North Korea's Aggressive Posturing - Part 3 About 10 missiles Deployed in South Korea to contain Chinese military There are three main types of JASSMs. The basic model is the AGM-158A JASSM, with a range of 370 km, which the U.S. Air Force uses as an air-to-ground cruise missile. Next is the AGM-158B JASSM-ER, with a range of 930 km, which the […]
  • Lethal Capabilities of JASSM-ER Missiles: Countering North Korea's Aggressive Posturing - Part 2 U.S. equips B-2 bomber with JASSM Recently, the stealth air-to-ground cruise missile JASSM has been gaining prominence. This is due to the fierce military competition between the U.S. and China for dominance in the western Pacific. As China significantly increases the number of navy vessels such as aircraft carriers and Aegis destroyers under its Anti-Access/Area […]
  • Lethal Capabilities of JASSM-ER Missiles: Countering North Korea's Aggressive Posturing - Part 1 In response to North Korea’s high-intensity nuclear and missile provocations that threaten the security of the Korean Peninsula, the U.S. and South Korean military authorities utilize the B-1B Lancer strategic bomber as an aerial strategic asset. Typically, it is dispatched urgently from the US Andersen Air Force Base in Guam to the Korean Peninsula. With […]
  • Kia's EV9 Features V2L Technology to Create Artificial Sun in Norway Kia’s flagship large electric sports utility vehicle (SUV) model, the “EV9,” has lit up the Nordic sky in place of the sun. Using the EV9’s representative V2L (Vehicle to Load) feature, Kia has showcased its brand’s electric vehicle technology while demonstrating its commitment to carbon neutrality. According to industry sources, on the 12th, Kia recently […]
  • Will Russia Use Arrested South Korean Accused of Espionage as a Political Negotiation Card? AP=Yonhap News A South Korean arrested for suspicion of espionage in Vladivostok, Russia, is known to be a missionary who has been involved in rescuing North Korean defectors. Foreign media have suggested that Russia may use this as a political negotiation card. This is because Russia designated South Korea, which sided with the West and […]
  • South Korean Arrested in Russia on Espionage Charges Turns Out to be Missionary Who Helped Rescue North Korean Defectors The Korean man arrested in Vladivostok, Russia, on charges of espionage, is reported to be a missionary who has been involved in rescue activities for North Korean defectors in the area. According to Yonhap News on the 12th, Korean missionary Baek entered Russia from China earlier this year and was arrested by the Russian Federal […]
  • Trade Secrets Part 3: North Korea's Mig-29 Swap with Russia Sends Shockwaves Russia Leaves Over 200 MiG-29 Aircraft Series Abandoned Currently, Russia possesses over 260 aircraft from the MiG-29 series, yet it’s reported that only about 70 of them are actively operational across four aviation regiments. This situation can be attributed to the Russian Aerospace Forces’ preference for modern fighters like the highly capable and relatively inexpensive […]
  • Trade Secrets Part 2: North Korea's Mig-29 Swap with Russia Sends Shockwaves Inferior North Korean Air Force Must Rely on Mig-29 North Korea built a Mig-29 assembly plant in cooperation with the old Soviet Union in Pyeonganbuk-do and started assembly in 1988 while bringing in parts. It is known that 20 aircraft were assembled and produced, starting with the first two in April 1993 to commemorate President […]
  • Trade Secrets Part 1: North Korea's Mig-29 Swap with Russia Sends Shockwaves As the war between Russia and Ukraine drags on, the most notable aspect is the deepening ties between North Korea and Russia. South Korean military authorities previously revealed that over 3 million shells capable of being carried in approximately 6,700 containers have been transferred from North Korea to Russia since July-August last year. Defense Minister […]
  • Biden Administration Announces $7.3 Trillion Budget Statement for Fiscal Year 2025 “Cornerstone of the election campaign, contrasting with Trump’s economic policies.” The Biden administration announced a budget statement of $7.3 trillion for the 2025 fiscal year on the 11th (local time). The plan aims to reduce the fiscal deficit through increased taxes on the wealthy and corporations and secure financial resources for new low-income support programs. […]
  • Poland to Ask Biden for 'Military Aid' Amid Threats from Russia President Duda plans to request additional troop deployment, etc. during the meeting at the White House. Bloomberg reported on the 12th (local time) that Poland is planning to request an expansion of military support from U.S. President Joe Biden due to fears of Russian threats. According to a source well-informed about the matter, Polish President […]
  • Trump v Biden: Who Do Voters Prefer When It Comes to Economic Policies? (Photo=AFP/Yonhap) Despite indications of an improving U.S. economy, President Joe Biden’s “economic score” shows little sign of a rebound, attracting attention to the reason behind this. According to Yonhap News, on the 10th (local time), the Financial Times (FT) reported that although American voters believe the economy is improving, they remain stingy in support of […]
  • Biden Slams Trump During State of the Union Address, Raises Roughly $150,000 Per Minute Democratic Party, “Biden’s recent State of the Union Address was viewed by 32.2 million people, an 18% increase from last year.”  ⓒReuters/Yonhap News President Joe Biden of the United States raised a large amount in donations immediately after his State of the Union Address. According to CNN and other broadcasts, the Biden campaign announced on […]
  • Joe Biden and Donald Trump Tied in Approval Ratings A poll on the 4th and 5th shows a tie for approval rating at 45%“Defense industry is positive despite Trump’s comments on increase of defense cost sharing with Korea.” Anticipations are high as President Joe Biden will possibly have a rematch with former President Donald Trump in the upcoming November presidential election, four years after […]
  • Despite Biden 'Red Line' Warning, Netanyahu Vows Rafah Invasion Saudi, Syria, Egypt, UAE announce the start of the Ramadan fastingMediating countries will continue to persuade for ceasefire during RamadanNetanyahu: “My Red Line is Not Repeating October 7” The Palestinian Gaza Strip is set to have the Islamic fasting month of Ramadan without a ceasefire. Ramadan holds profound significance as the holy month when the […]
  • Biden Slams Supreme Court for Rolling Back Abortion Rights Following his State of the Union address, President Biden criticizes the Supreme Court in an MSNBC interview. According to Axios, President Joe Biden criticized the federal Supreme Court for overturning the “Roe v. Wade” ruling that recognized women’s abortion rights up to six months of pregnancy, on the 9th (local time). During an interview with […]
  • Biden v Trump: The Biggest Battleground in Georgia President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump, who are confirmed to face off again in the November U.S. election, clashed in Georgia, one of the handful of states that will decide who wins the presidency. According to foreign media on the 9th (local time), President Biden and former President Trump held their first campaign […]
  • Biden-Trump Tied in 'Super Tuesday' Polls As the “rematch” between President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump intensifies, a poll released on the 7th (local time) showed that both candidates had equal support. The poll did not reflect President Biden’s State of the Union Address on the 7th, leaving room for speculation about future trends. On the 10th (local time), […]
  • Russia Launches New Projects to Boost Birth Rate and Support Youth Education The Russian government is launching a new project to increase the domestic birth rate and strengthen support for youth education. According to KOTRA and other sources, on the 9th, Russia is planning to start five new national projects: △Family (aiming to increase birth rate and life expectancy) △, Russian Youth (aiming to better youth education) […]
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