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Privacy Policy

Article 1 Collection of Personal Information Items and Collection Method

The company collects user information for comment registration, service provision, etc. However, the company does not collect sensitive personal information (race and ethnicity, ideology and belief, birthplace and domicile, political inclinations and criminal records, etc.) that may infringe upon the user’s basic rights unless necessary, and in such cases, the company will obtain the prior consent of the users. Even in such cases, please note that the information you provide will not be used for any purpose other than the specified service or purpose.

The collected personal information items are as follows:

Mandatory Items Name (nickname), comment content
Personal information collection method Website Comments

Article 2 Purpose of Collecting and Using Personal Information

The company collects personal information for the following purposes:

Contract fulfillment and member identification for service provision Content Provision

Article 3 Consent to the Collection of Personal Information

By entering your name in the comment area, and clicking the [Register] button after submitting your comment, you are deemed to have consented to the collection of personal information.

Article 4 Current Use of Personal Information

The company uses the personal information of users within the scope notified in “2. Purpose of Collecting and Using Personal Information” and does not use or disclose the user’s personal information to external parties beyond the specified scope without the user’s prior consent. However, the following cases are exceptions:

  1. When users have agreed in advance to the disclosure
  1. When there is a request from an investigative agency in accordance with the procedures and methods prescribed by law for investigation purposes

Article 5 Retention and Use Period of Personal Information

During the period in which a service user continues to use the service as a member, the company continuously retains and uses the user’s personal information for the provision of services, etc.

Personal information of service users is irreversibly destroyed by an appropriate method when the purpose of collection and use is achieved or when the user directly requests deletion, except as otherwise specified in the “Retention and Use Period of Personal Information.”

In the event of a request related to the prevention of abuse, prevention of misuse, resolution of rights infringements/honors defamation, or cooperation in investigations, etc., the company may retain the user’s personal information for up to 1 year from the termination of the user’s membership.

If there is a need to retain the user’s information in accordance with the provisions of the Commercial Act, the Act on Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce, etc., or other relevant laws, the company will retain the member’s information for a certain period specified by the relevant laws. In this case, the company will only use the retained information for the purpose of retention, and the retention periods are as follows:

1. Records related to contracts or withdrawal of subscriptions
– Retention reason and period: Act on Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce, etc. (5 years)

2. Records of payment and supply of goods, etc.
– Retention reason and period: Act on Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce, etc. (5 years)

3. Records of handling customer complaints or disputes
– Retention reason and period: Act on Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce, etc. (3 years)

4. Records of personal identification
– Retention reason and period: Act on Promotion of Information and Communication Network Utilization and Information Protection, etc. (6 months)

5. Records of visits
– Retention reason and period: Act on Promotion of Information and Communication Network Utilization and Information Protection, etc. (3 months)

Article 6 Rights and Exercise Methods of Users and Legal Guardians

Users and their legal guardians have the right to access and request deletion of their own or their child under the age of 14’s comment information registered.

To view or modify the comment information of users or children under the age of 14, please contact the Personal Information Manager in writing, by phone, or by email, and we will take appropriate action without delay.The company handles the personal information that has been terminated or deleted at the request of users or legal guardians in accordance with the “Retention and Use Period of Personal Information” and ensures that it is not accessed or used for any other purpose. As an information subject, users have the right to access, correct, delete, or suspend the processing of personal information in accordance with the relevant laws. Users can make such requests to the company.

The company will notify the user of its actions regarding the above within 10 days. Requests for access, correction, deletion, or suspension of personal information can be submitted to the company.

Article 7 Installation, Operation, and Rejection of Personal Information Automatic Collection Devices

Cookies are small data files sent by the HTTP server to the user’s browser and stored on the user’s computer. The company uses these cookies to obtain the user’s browser type or service usage patterns and provide users with useful and more convenient customized services based on this cookie information.

Users have the option to control cookies. By selecting options in your web browser, you can choose to accept all cookies, receive confirmation for each cookie storage, or reject the storage of all cookies. However, if you refuse to store cookies, you may not be able to use all services of the company that require login.

Article 8 Technical and Managerial Measures for Personal Information Protection

The company is not responsible for any personal information leakage caused by user negligence or problems on the Internet.

The company implements technical and managerial measures for personal information protection as follows:

1. We have a robust firewall and security system to prevent hacking.

2. When transmitting personal information, we use SSL security server certificates to protect the information.

3. Access to personal information is limited to personnel who require access for their work and are necessary for processing personal information, and other employees are prevented from accessing it.

4. For personal information processors, we conduct regular and ad hoc education.

5. We maintain access records of personal information processing systems and regularly monitor and supervise them.

6. We take protective measures when printing or copying personal information.

Article 9 Personal Information Protection Manager

If you have any opinions regarding the company’s privacy policy, please contact us by email, and we will promptly take appropriate action and inform you of the results. The Personal Information Protection Manager is as follows:

Personal Information Protection Manager:

Director Howie Oh
Phone number 02-6205-0936

For reporting or counseling regarding personal information breaches, please contact the following organizations:

– Personal Information Breach Report Center: privacy.kisa.or.kr / 118 (no area code required)

– Cyber Crime Investigation Unit of the Supreme Prosecutor’s Office: www.spo.go.kr / 1301 (no area code required)

– Cyber Terrorism Response Center of the National Police Agency: cyberbureau.police.go.kr / 182 (no area code required)

Article 10 Supplementary Provisions

In the event of any modification or change to the current privacy policy, we will notify you through the notice on the website at least 7 days prior.

– Effective date of the privacy policy: October 1, 2022