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  • The Rise of Apple: How AI is Shaping the Future of the Tech Giant After five months, Apple has reclaimed its position as the world’s largest company by market capitalization. Amid a fierce battle for the top spot between Apple and Microsoft Corporation, Nvidia is hot on their heels. On the 13th, Apple’s market capitalization closed at approximately $3.29 trillion on the New York Stock Exchange. Apple has reclaimed […]
  • Did You See That? Fake Video of Trump Dissin' Japanese PM Is Blowing Up A fake video of Donald Trump criticizing the Japanese Prime Minister is spreading on X and other social media platforms.
  • YouTube Finally Tests THIS Function for Shorts: What You Need to Know! PhoneArena reported that YouTube is expanding its testing of the AI summarizer, initially launched last year, to include Shorts.
  • Brazilian Phone Users to Get First Dibs on Google's AI Anti-Theft Feature On the 11th, Google announced that Brazil will be the first country to test the anti-theft feature for Android phones.
  • Anticipating NVIDIA's Next Big Leap: The $5 Trillion Market Cap It has been predicted that NVIDIA’s market capitalization will surpass $5 trillion next year. The success of the soon-to-be-launched artificial intelligence (AI) chip platform, Blackwell, is expected to be a significant turning point. Louis Navellier, Chief Investment Officer (CIO) of Navellier & Associates, predicted on the 11th (local time) that NVIDIA’s market capitalization will exceed […]
  • UAE Backs US Restrictions on Semiconductors Exports To China The United Arab Emirates has supported the U.S.'s export restrictions on large-scale AI accelerators to Middle Eastern countries.
  • Unlock New iPhone Capabilities with iOS 18 Apple announced a significant improvement in user convenience and an enhancement of artificial intelligence features through the iOS 18 update at the World Developers Conference (WWDC 24) on June 10. Apple Intelligence AI will be incorporated in iOS 18 and is set to be installed in the iPhone 16. The new iPhone is expected to […]
  • AI vs. Humanity: UN Security General Urges Action to Prevent AI-Powered Nuclear War UN Secretary-General has warned that the advancement of artificial intelligence (AI) technology could exacerbate the threat of nuclear war.
  • China Pours Billions into AI, But Can It Catch Up with the U.S.? China is engaged in a power struggle with the United States in various industries and has announced astronomical support for AI.
  • From Chips to Chassis: How Nvidia and Foxconn Are Reshaping Auto Production Taiwan’s Hon Hai Technology Group (Foxconn) announced plans to construct an advanced computing center in Kaohsiung, centered around the Nvidia Blackwell platform. The computing center will feature the Superchip GB200 server, which will comprise a total of 64 racks and 4,608 GPUs, with completion slated for 2026. Foxconn and Nvidia plan to introduce a platform […]
  • Xi Jinping Unveils Major Tech and Space Collaboration with Arab Nations During the 10th China-Arab States Cooperation Forum Ministerial Meeting in Beijing, China on May 30, President Xi Jinping proposed a five-point cooperation framework for the future advancement of China and Arab nations. Xi first announced that China and the Arab countries will establish ten joint research institutes in fields such as life and health, artificial […]
  • Elon Musk Denies Diverting AI Chips from Tesla, Expects $3-4 Billion Spend on Nvidia Hardware CEO Elon Musk announced in a post on X on Tuesday that Tesla is expected to spend between $3-4 B on hardware from Nvidia this year.
  • China's Top Tech Talent Chooses U.S. Over Home - Here's Why 90% of Chinese talents who earned their Ph.D. in AI and semiconductors from US universities have chosen to remain in the US.
  • Microsoft's $3.2 Billion Nordic Bet: AI and Cloud Expansion Across Scandinavia Microsoft has been working to promote the adoption of AI not just in Sweden but across all of Northern Europe.
  • AMD's Big Reveal: New AI Processors Set to Outperform Nvidia by 2026 AMD unveiled its latest AI processor at the COMPUTEX 2024 in Taiwan and announced plans to develop AI chips over the next two years.
  • NVIDIA Announces Launch of New AI Chip Rubin by 2026 NVIDIA has announced the launch of a new AI chip platform. On the 2nd (local time), NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang announced at the Computex Trade Fair held at the National Taiwan University in Taipei that the next-generation AI chip platform Rubin will be launched in 2026. While Huang revealed that the Rubin series of chips […]
  • NVIDIA's CEO Unveils Ambitious Plan for AI Chip Development NVIDIA has announced its intention to release Rubin, its next-generation artificial intelligence (AI) graphics processing unit (GPU), in 2026. This comes just three months after the announcement of the Blackwell GPU, marking a swift mention of a next-generation GPU. According to Reuters on the 2nd (local time), NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang revealed plans to launch […]
  • AI Data Centers Predicted to Devour 9% of U.S. Power by 2030 Due to the surge in demand brought on by the AI boom, power consumption in data centers is projected to double by 2030.
  • How Cathie Wood Let Billions Slip Away with Early NVIDIA Sale Cathie Wood has drawn attention due to claims she missed out on a nearly $723 million profit by selling all her shares last year in NVIDIA.
  • How Amazon's AWS is Capitalizing on the AI Trend Analysts predict a favorable stock trend for Amazon.com, Inc. as its AWS sees a revival in its sales growth rate.
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