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  • Tibet's Fate in Hands of Biden After Congress Passes New Bill The bill, proposed by Senator Jeff Merkley (Democrat, Oregon), has already passed the Senate and is now awaiting the President's signature.
  • NVIDIA CEO Sparks Fury in China by Calling Taiwan a Country Last week, Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang enjoyed extraordinary popularity while visiting his homeland, Taiwan.
  • Chinese Drone Conquers Mount Everest: DJI's Unprecedented Achievement in the Sky Chinese drone company has set a record for civilian drones by passing a high-altitude transport test on Mount Everest.
  • China Pours Billions into AI, But Can It Catch Up with the U.S.? China is engaged in a power struggle with the United States in various industries and has announced astronomical support for AI.
  • Thai Citizens Outraged After a Child Urinated Outside the Thai Royal Palace A photograph of a child, presumed to be part of a Chinese tourist family, urinating at a palace site in Thailand has caused outrage. If their identity is confirmed as Chinese, this incident will be added to the list of impolite behaviors exhibited by some Chinese tourists worldwide. Foreign media outlets, including the South China […]
  • American by Name, Chinese by Game: Tech Firms Sidestep U.S. Sanctions There is a growing trend of Chinese companies blacklisted by the U.S. government rebranding themselves with English names to pose as American companies. According to the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) on the 29th, Hesai, a Chinese autonomous vehicle LiDAR sensor technology startup designated as a blacklisted company by the U.S. government, has changed its U.S. […]
  • Chinese Influencer Accuses Korea of Cultural Theft Recently, Chinese broadcaster Zhang Yuan, who faced severe criticism for claiming that Korea stole Chinese culture, has come forward to clarify his statements. On the 27th, Zhang Yuan posted a short video on Douyin, the Chinese version of TikTok. In the video, he explained, “I just arrived in Korea and was shocked to find that […]
  • China Warns: Taiwan's Push for Independence is a 'Dead-End Road' On the 20th, China aggressively launched a campaign against Taiwan, stating that the sovereignty cla ...
  • Tesla's Big Push in China: Free Supercharging Miles for Early Birds! Tesla announced via Weibo that Chinese customers placing orders before June 20th could gain eligibil ...
  • China Mourns the Loss of 'Good Friend' After Iranian President's Fatal Crash China mourned the death of President Ebrahim Raisi, who died in a helicopter crash, stating that the ...
  • Japan and ASEAN Unite Against China: Joint Auto Strategy in the Works Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida is delivering a speech at the Japan-ASEAN (Association of Sou ...
  • Chinese Restaurant Owner Caught Using Opium Poppies as Spice A self-employed individual in China has been caught using opium poppies as a spice for hot pot.The p ...
  • Will Chinese Electric Cars Dominate Europe? U.S. Tariffs Shift Focus [The Guru=Yoon Jin-Woong Reporter] Chinese electric vehicles (EVs) are being identified as disruptiv ...
  • U.S.-China Rivalry Intensifies Over Serbia's Weapons Deals During the state visit of Xi Jinping, General Secretary and President of China, Serbia has been elev ...
  • U.S. Government Blocks Chip Supply to Huawei: A New Trade War? China warned the U.S. that it would also suffer damage from its government's decision to block Huawei...
  • Legal Showdown Between US Government and TikTok Over Forced Business Divestiture On May 7th, TikTok, the popular Chinese video-sharing platform, officially filed a lawsuit against a U.S. law mandating the company’s divestiture. In their legal filing in Washington D.C., TikTok claimed that the divestiture law, rooted in ambiguous national security concerns, exercises an unconstitutional and extraordinary power that violates the free speech rights of 170 million […]
  • Chinese Beverage Brand Stirs Up Debate Over Fukushima Water A Chinese beverage brand has gained significant attention after it included messages on its product ...
  • Chinese EV Production in Mexico Threatened by U.S. Influence The Mexican government may halt incentives due to pressure from the United States when Chinese electric vehicle manufacturers aim to build factories, according to a Reuters report on April 18, 2024. Such moves concern access to cheap public land and tax breaks on Mexico’s EV production investment. Companies that can benefit from this include Tesla, […]
  • China's Underground Love for South Korean Drama 'Queen of Tears' The TvN drama Queen of Tears, featuring Kim Soo Hyun and Kim Ji Won, has been garnering attention both at home and abroad through Netflix. However, there’s been a surge in unauthorized streaming of the series in China. On the 23rd, Professor Seo Kyung Deok from Sungshin Women’s University revealed that a review page for […]
  • China's Secretive Space Science Base in Argentina Faces Scrutiny It Essentially Functions as an Extraterritorial Jurisdiction, Granting Tax ExemptionMilei Asserts Oversight: ‘We Must Exercise Supervisory Authority The Chinese space science base in Neuquen, Argentina. /Source=Argentinian Government The Chinese space science base in Argentina is finally drawing attention as it may unveil its shroud of mystery. The base insists on secrecy and is strongly suspected […]
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