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  • Eric Trump Reveals the Painful Truth About His Father's Bullet Wound In an interview with CBS yesterday, Trump's son, Eric Trump, shared that the former president has a nice flesh wound on his skin.
  • Don Jr. Says Shooting Incident Transformed His Father's Approach Don Trump Jr. has stated that his father has changed significantly following a recent assassination attempt of his fatther.
  • Trump Proposes 60% Tariffs on Chinese Goods If Republican candidate Donald Trump wins the November election, it could pose a significant risk to China's economic growth.
  • Trump's Bloodied Image Now a Best-Selling T-Shirt – Supporters Rally Online The attempted assassination of Former US President Donald Trump has spawned a frenzy of online merchandise.
  • Trump Media Soars 50% After Rally Shooting Incident Shares of Trump Media opened up more than 50% at the start of trading on Monday, the first trading day following a shooting incident.
  • Tattoos of Trump Shooting Scene Surge Among Loyal Fans It has emerged that Donald Trump's supporters are getting tattoos depicting the scene of the shooting incident.
  • Trump is Free: Meta Lifts Restriction on His Accounts Meta announced on Saturday that it would lift some restrictions on former U.S. President Donald Trump's Facebook and Instagram accounts.
  • Could Trump's Return Lead to an Enhanced U.S. Nuclear Umbrella in Asia? Frederick Fleitz, Vice Chairman of the America First Policy Institute (AFPI) and a known close associate of former U.S. President Donald Trump stated on July 9 that there would be no reduction or withdrawal of U.S. forces in South Korea if Trump were to regain power. Fleitz, in a meeting with reporters in Seoul, said […]
  • What Trump's Re-election May Mean For South Korean Stocks If Donald Trump is re-elected in the 2024 U.S. presidential election, it could lead to a significant drop in the South Korean stock market. This is because Trump’s America First Policy could hinder the export routes of Korean companies. On July 9, Kim Sang Hun, Head of the KB Securities Research Center, predicted at a […]
  • Jill Biden Declares 'All In' to Presidential Race Despite Health Rumors First Lady Jill Biden has reiterated her stance that her husband will not withdraw from the presidential race.
  • Kamala Harris and Michelle Obama Crushes Trump in Hypothetical Matchup! Amid a growing debate over replacing President Joe Biden as a candidate, two new figures have emerged as more competitive than Biden.
  • Could Trump's Triumph Trigger Treasury Turmoil? U.S. Treasury bond yields significantly rose on July 1 (local time), the first day of the second half of the year. The forecast of a Republican overwhelm in the upcoming U.S. Presidential and mid-term Congressional elections on November 5 has boosted bond yields. As former Republican President Donald Trump has promised substantial tax cuts, the […]
  • U.S. Voters Questions Biden's Fitness For Presidency High-ranking officials of the Democratic Party in the U.S. are urging President Joe Biden to continue his candidacy despite his poor performance in the presidential candidate debate. On the 30th (local time), the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) reported that although there are demands for Biden to withdraw his candidacy due to his defeat to former […]
  • From Debate to Desperation: Biden's Struggle in the Spotlight The aftermath of the first presidential debate between President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump was intense. Held at the CNN studio in Atlanta on the night of June 27, the debate saw Biden appearing beleaguered and hesitant, which Trump, through a mix of lies, cornered Biden. Prior to the debate, Biden was setting […]
  • America's Demographic Overhaul: Hispanics Leading the Charge As the Hispanic population in the United States grows rapidly, their political influence is expected to increase. Last year, the Hispanic population in the United States increased by over 1.6 million due to immigration and births, accounting for 70% of the population growth rate in the United States. In this year’s election, Hispanics are supporting […]
  • Top CEOs Turn Their Backs on Trump's 2024 Bid The survey has shown that former President Donald Trump is the least supported candidate in the history of the Republican Party by major businesses. According to Axios on the 25th (local time), none of the top 100 businessmen selected by Fortune have supported former President Trump. Jeffrey Sonnenfeld, Head of the Yale Management Studies Institute, […]
  • Donald Trump Suggests UFC League For Migrants Former president Donald Trump suggested a separate UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) league for migrants. Trump is currently being criticized for such a discriminatory remark as he previously claimed that illegal immigrants were violent. At a Faith and Freedom Coalition event in Washington, D.C. on the 22nd, Trump shared a story of when he had asked […]
  • Fact vs. Fiction: Uncovering the Truth in Biden's Edited Videos The White House has stated that deceptively edited videos exacerbating the age controversy surrounding President Joe Biden are spreading online ahead of the presidential election. According to NBC News on June 18, the Republican National Committee (RNC), major conservative media outlets, and right-wing influencers are actively spreading videos that make it appear as though Biden […]
  • From Deportation to Citizenship: New Hope for Immigrant Spouses On June 18t, President Joe Biden announced that he would grant green cards and citizenship to approximately 500,000 undocumented immigrants who have been married to U.S. citizens for more than 10 years. In response, former President Donald Trump, the Republican candidate facing Biden in the upcoming November election, declared that he would repeal Biden’s executive […]
  • Election 2024: Trump and Biden Court Crypto Voters with Big Promises In the 2024 U.S. Presidential election, President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump are courting cryptocurrency investors in what is being seen as a rematch. Both candidates are using this strategy to compensate for their weaknesses. Trump, who has supported cryptocurrencies in the past, has positioned himself as a guardian, while Biden is reportedly […]
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    Hollywood's Next Big Hits: Top 10 Upcoming Movies You Can't Miss


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    Barcelona Bumps Up Tourist Tax: Travel Just Got Pricier!


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    Tesla Cybertruck Outsells Ford F-150 Lightning in May


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    First-of-its-Kind Suicide Capsule to be Used in Switzerland


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    South Korea's Loudspeaker Attack Has North Korea on Edge


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