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  • Chinese Companies Caught Forcing Pregnancy Tests on Job Applicants Companies in China that have forced new female employees to undergo pregnancy tests have been exposed by prosecutors.
  • China's Grip on World Economies Tightens, Survey Shows A recent report revealed that most of the global population perceives China as having a significant influence on their national economies.
  • HMM Dominates Orange Imports: Here's Why Korea Loves California Citrus HMM has been identified as the leading global shipping company transporting the most orange imports from California to Korea.
  • Russian Rolls-Royce’ Gifted to North Korea's Kim is Built with South Korean Tech The Russian luxury limousine manufacturer that produced the limousine, which was gifted to North Korea, uses many parts from South Korea.
  • Debt Diplomacy? China's Strategic Investments Stir Unease in the Pacific Vanuatu, a South Pacific nation struggling financially, is ready to move into a new building funded by China.
  • Manchester United Unveils New Jerseys with Snapdragon Logo Qualcomm's Snapdragon logo will be featured in the new uniforms of Manchester United, a football club in the English Premier League.
  • Internet Roasts Biden: Memes and Mockery Take Over Social Media Memes mocking President Joe Biden's performance in his election debate with former President Donald ...
  • Chinese Communist Party Membership Soars: Surpassing 100 Million Milestone? Membership in the CCP grew by 1.2% over the previous year, putting it on track to exceed 100 million members by year-end.
  • Russian Soldier Caught on Camera Shooting Fellow Injured Soldier A video has emerged showing a Russian soldier during a Ukrainian War shooting a comrade who was wounded in a drone attack.
  • China's Climate Catastrophe: Heatwave, Drought, and Reservoir Damage Amid the heatwave warning in Shandong province, China, cracks have appeared on the bottom of a reservoir due to drought.
  • Ukrainian YouTuber's Face Hijacked on Chinese Social Media A large number of influencers on Chinese social media platforms have praised China while unauthorizedly using the face of a female YouTuber.
  • Birds on Birth Control? Scientists Say It's Time to Curb Pigeon Populations Scientists are conducting experiments to control the populations of wildlife species such as pigeons and wild boars.
  • Did You See That? Fake Video of Trump Dissin' Japanese PM Is Blowing Up A fake video of Donald Trump criticizing the Japanese Prime Minister is spreading on X and other social media platforms.
  • Tesla Teams Up with China's Baidu for Full Self-Driving Upgrade Tesla has taken one step closer to launching its FSD service in China by agreeing to receive upgraded map software from Baidu.
  • US Military's Plan to Counter China with 'Unmanned Hellscape' U.S. military has devised a drone hell strategy, deploying thousands of drones in preparation for a potential Chinese invasion of Taiwan.
  • Apple Announces AI-powered iPhone Call Recordings, Rivaling Samsung's Galaxy Apple plans to incorporate call recording and transcription features into the iPhone call application.
  • Chinese Company Offers $140K Bonus for Employee's Weight Loss A company in China is making headlines for offering a 1 million yuan (approx. $140K) bonus to encourage its employees to lose weight.
  • Chinese Drone Conquers Mount Everest: DJI's Unprecedented Achievement in the Sky Chinese drone company has set a record for civilian drones by passing a high-altitude transport test on Mount Everest.
  • Trump Slapped with Global Travel Ban: Which Countries Are Blocking Him? Last month, Donald Trump fist-pumped supporters at Trump Tower after a trial in Manhattan Criminal Court, New York.
  • China vs. The World: Race for Naval Supremacy Intensifies China's expansion of aircraft carrier operations is stoking anxiety among neighboring South East Asian countries.
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