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  • Israeli Army to Draft Ultra-Orthodox Starting Sunday — Chaos Ensues IDF is set to begin drafting ultra-Orthodox Jews, also known as Haredi, who have traditionally been exempted from military conscription.
  • Biden Resumes Bomb Deliveries to Israel, Holds Back on Larger Payloads The Biden Administration plans to resume the delivery of bombs to Israel but is putting on hold the supply of 2000-pound bombs.
  • Israel Pours $250 Million into National AI Program, Eyes Global Leadership The chief executive of the state-backed Israel Innovation Authority said Israel is set to launch its first supercomputer on Wednesday.
  • Children of War: Gaza's Heartbreaking Loss of Over 20,000 Young Lives Save the Children, the international non-governmental organization (NGO) for children’s rights, reported on the 25th that over 21,000 children in the Gaza Strip appear to be missing, detained, or dead. Save the Children indicates that as the Israeli military continues its offensive in Rafah, the southernmost city of the Gaza Strip considered the last stronghold […]
  • No End in Sight: Netanyahu Rejects Full Stop to Gaza War Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stated that the war in Gaza will continue even if Israel agrees to a ceasefire with the Palestinian armed faction. On the 23rd (local time), Arabic news broadcast Al Jazeera, reported that although willing to accept a partial compromise for the release of some Israeli hostages held by Hamas in […]
  • War Drums in the Middle East: Israel Ramps Up Military Actions Against Hezbollah The Israeli military has been engaged in combat with Hezbollah, a Lebanese Shia Islamist political party and militant group.
  • Netanyahu Faces Leadership Crisis as War Cabinet Ends Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has finally dissolved the wartime cabinet. This was a move expected following the resignation of Benny Gantz, the centrist leader who had been calling for a ceasefire with Hamas who withdrew from the cabinet after being disappointed with Netanyahu’s sway by hardliners. On June 17, the wartime cabinet that was […]
  • Humanitarian Break: Israeli Forces to Pause Combat in Gaza Strip The Israeli military has declared intentions to cease military operations in certain areas of southern Gaza to facilitate the distribution of relief supplies and other humanitarian aid. As reported by the BBC, Reuters, and other sources on the 16th, the Israeli military announced that it would “halt tactical military activities” from 8 AM to 7 […]
  • 93 Nations Stand with ICC Against Political Pressure in Netanyahu Case Over 90 countries have come together to issue a joint statement urging the International Criminal Court (ICC) to stand firm against any threats after prosecutors requested an arrest warrant targeting Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. On the 16th, Yonhap News cited U.K.’s The Guardian, reporting that 93 out of 124 ICC member countries recently issued […]
  • Starbucks' Price Hike Backfires, Driving Away Even Its Most Devoted Fans Starbucks reported that its global sales at the beginning of this year decreased by 1.8% compared to last year.
  • Global Push for Peace: UN Security Council Adopts U.S. Ceasefire Plan On the afternoon of the 10th (local time), the United Nations Security Council held an emergency meeting. It adopted a resolution supporting the three-stage Gaza ceasefire plan led by the United States. According to Reuters, all of the 15 member states of the Security Council voted in favor of the resolution except for Russia, who […]
  • U.S. House Votes to Sanction ICC Over Netanyahu Arrest Warrant Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu attended a Holocaust memorial event on the 6th of last month.
  • Turkish Exports to Israel Plunge by 99% Amid Humanitarian Standoff According to preliminary data from Türkiye's leading exporter's association, shipments to Israel fell by 99%, recording $4.4 million.
  • Biden to Netanyahu: It's Time for Hamas to Agree to Ceasefire While the U.S. emphasizes that the Israel-Hamas conflict could end by accepting the Palestinian militant group Hamas’s ceasefire proposal, Israel has been lukewarm in its response. According to Yonhap News, the White House announced that President Joe Biden clarified his stance on the ceasefire proposal during a call with Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, […]
  • Israel Rejects Easy Truce, Demands Complete Overhaul in Gaza Before agreeing to end the war in Gaza, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reiterated his previous stance that the Palestinian militant group Hamas must be destroyed. The Guardian reported on the 1st that Netanyahu emphasized his will to defeat Hamas through a statement released on the previous day, raising doubts about the new ceasefire proposal […]
  • Was the EU Commissioner's Surprise Meeting with Israeli PM a Diplomatic Misstep? The meeting between EU Commissioner for Neighbourhood and Enlargement Oliver Varhelyi, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and Defense Minister Yoav Gallant sparked controversy. Critics argue his actions as inappropriate, contrasting with the EU’s recent tough messages towards Israel. On the 29th, Varhelyi announced on X that “it was an honor to meet with Netanyahu to […]
  • Crisis in Gaza: 21 Dead as Israeli Airstrikes Hit Refugee Camp According to reports by AFP and Haaretz Daily, the Israeli military launched an airstrike on Rafah, the southernmost part of the densely populated Palestinian refugee area in the Gaza Strip on the 28th, killing 21 people. Although the Israeli military denied the airstrike, tensions continued to escalate. Meanwhile, the United States continues to show its […]
  • Israel Intensifies Urban Combat in Gaza and Strengthens Measures to to Take Down Hamas Israel has signaled its determination to root out Hamas by intensifying urban warfare after deploying tanks in the center of Rafah, Gaza Strip in Palestine. Daniel Hagari, the head spokesperson for the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), stated in a press briefing on the 28th (local time), “Hamas members are still active in Rafah, posing a […]
  • Behind Closed Doors: How Israel Allegedly Manipulated International Justice Reports have emerged that the former director of Israel’s foreign intelligence service, Mossad, threatened an International Criminal Court (ICC) prosecutor who was investigating allegations of Israeli war crimes in Palestine. The Guardian reported on the 28th (local time), citing informed sources, that former Mossad director Yossi Cohen, who led the agency from 2016 to 2021, […]
  • Netanyahu Admits to 'Tragic Mistake' After Gaza Bombing Claims 35 Lives Netanyahu: “Regrettably, a Tragic Mistake Made” Axios reported on the 27th (local time) that the White House is assessing whether Israel’s attack on Rafah, which resulted in dozens of civilian casualties, crossed President Joe Biden’s red line. An American official said, “The White House is in the process of figuring out exactly what happened to […]
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