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  • U.S. and Japan's Secret Weapon: Microwave Tech to Neutralize Drones The US and Japan are set to develop technology to neutralize drones that infringe on their territories using electromagnetic waves.
  • Military Madness? North Korea Slams Japan-Germany Defense Pact Japan and Germany expand military and economic cooperation, facing criticism from North Korea for disrupting regional stability.
  • Japanese Court Decides Surgery Not Mandatory for Gender Change Japan has made history by acknowledging a man as a woman without gender-affirming surgery.
  • Japan Faces Outcry Over Fukushima Radioactive Water Dump North Korea harshly criticized Japan, which proceeded with the 7th release of contaminated water from the Fukushima nuclear plant.
  • McDonald's Gets a Kanye Twist —Here's What to Expect Kanye West is teaming up with Naoto Fukasawa, a designer from MUJI, to launch new packaging for McDonald's.
  • Ever Wondered Why Some Countries Drive on the Left and Others on the Right? We'll Tell You In countries like South Korea and the U.S., vehicles drive on the right side of the road, but in the U.K. and Japan, they drive on the left. While this may seem bizarre to us, about 35% of the world’s population lives in countries where cars drive on the left. Since the very beginning, most […]
  • Summer Jam on Japan's Beer Tram! Stay Cool With A Brew While You Enjoy the View There’s a tram in Toyohashi, Japan where visitors can enjoy summer with a refreshing beer has become a hot topic. According to The Japan News, the city of Toyohashi began operating the Noryo Beer Tram on June 14, where people can drink beer while riding a tram. The Noryo Beer Tram will be in operation […]
  • 63 Leaves on One Clover Sets New World Record Yoshiharu Watanabe from Nasushiobara, Tochigi Prefecture, Japan, a man in has broken the Guinness World Record for growing a 63-leaf clover.
  • Japan's H3 Rocket Launch: A Game Changer in Space Transport and Earth Observation! Japan successfully launched its new flagship large rocket, the H3 No. 3. According to local media on the 1st, the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) launched the H3 No. 3 from the Tanegashima Space Center in southern Kyushu at around 12:06 PM. The Earth observation satellite Daichi-4 loaded on the rocket was deployed into the […]
  • Hiker Alert: Mt. Fuji Admission Fees Triple to Tackle Tourist Tide Starting in July, tourists visiting Japan’s iconic Mount Fuji will have to pay an increased toll of 3,000 yen ($18.55). This adjustment is seen as a response to the over-tourism caused by the weak yen effect. According to a report by Yomiuri Shimbun on the 30th, Yamanashi Prefecture announced that they will impose an additional […]
  • Best Countries in the World Ranking: #3 Sweden, #2 Canada, and #1 Goes to... U.S. News & World Report recently surveyed various countries and announced the ranking of the best countries in the world.
  • Anxiety Arises as Japan Begins 7th Round of Radioactive Wastewater Release Into Pacific Ocean According to reports by Japan’s Kyodo News on Friday, Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) commenced the seventh release of nuclear-contaminated wastewater from the crippled Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant into the Pacific Ocean. Same as the previous round, the seventh discharge will release about 7,800 tons of wastewater until July 16th. “After collecting samples and […]
  • Revealed: Smartest Nations in 2024 - Is America on the List? The Finnish intelligence testing agency Wiqtcom announced the 2024 World's Most Intelligent Country Ranking.
  • From Japan to Mozambique: Ranking the World's IQs A recent study found that Japan has the highest intelligence quotient (IQ) in the world. On June 25, the Finnish intelligence testing organization Wiqtcom released the 2024 World’s Most Intelligent Countries Rankings based on IQ test results from 109 countries. This test was organized by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) and evaluates the educational level […]
  • Toxic Tap Water Shock: Japan's Nationwide Hunt for Deadly PFAS According to Sankei Shimbun, the Japanese government requested water providers to assess the level of contamination last month.
  • North Korea's Missile Launch Prompts Strong U.S. and Japan Response Amid North Korea's missile provocation towards the East Sea, Japan and the United States immediately expressed strong opposition.
  • EU to Collaborate with Japan and South Korea Amid Global Security Shifts On the 24th, Nikkei reported that the European Union (EU) is considering new partnerships in the security and defense industries with South Korea and Japan. According to the report, the EU is aiming to reach an agreement with Japan within the year, focusing on joint research and development (R&D) of defense equipment. The EU appears […]
  • U.S. Treasury Excludes South Korea on Currency Watch List South Korea has been excluded from the U.S. Treasury Department’s currency watch list due to its transparent foreign exchange policy for the second consecutive time. In contrast, Japan has been included again after a year. On the 20th local time, the U.S. Treasury Department announced its semi-annual currency report, which includes seven countries: China, Japan, […]
  • Japan's Defense Nightmare: Budget Slashed by 30% Due to Yen Depreciation Japan has secured a defense budget of 43 trillion yen over five years but lost 30% of its value due to a historic yen depreciation.
  • North Korea Warns of Disastrous Consequences Over Military Exercises North Korea has criticized the U.S. Valiant Shield 22 exercise in which the Japanese Self-Defense Forces participated, claiming it could provoke a physical clash. The Rodong Sinmun, the organ of the Workers’ Party, said on the 16th, “The U.S. military has caused a commotion with large-scale military exercises in the Asia-Pacific region with the Japanese […]
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