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  • SpaceX and X to Call Texas Home, Musk Blames California Law Following Tesla's lead, Elon Musk announced his plans to move the headquarters of his other companies, X and SpaceX, to Texas.
  • Japanese Court Decides Surgery Not Mandatory for Gender Change Japan has made history by acknowledging a man as a woman without gender-affirming surgery.
  • Biden Urges Public to Judge Trump as Supreme Court Grants Immunity Biden has strongly criticized the U.S. Supreme Court's decision to grant immunity to Trump's attempts to overturn the election results.
  • Biden Blasts Supreme Court Decision: 'A Blow to the Rule of Law' Immediately following the Supreme Court's decision, Biden criticized the ruling as one that has undermined the rule of law.
  • Breaking the Cycle: The Impact of Family and Society on Juvenile Offenders With the continuous rise in juvenile crime, the severity and diversity of offenses are also increasing. As the age of offenders continues to decrease, there are many different opinions regarding the age of juvenile defenders. The Ministry of Justice has already announced a legislative proposal to lower the age of criminal responsibility to 13 years […]
  • Woman Sues Company: Paid to Do Nothing for 20 Years Van Wassenhove, a mother of two, protested to the government in 2015. Although Orange intervened, no significant progress was made.
  • Zyn Nicotine Pouches Pulled from Online Shelves: Philip Morris Faces Legal Heat Philip Morris International, a tobacco company, has discontinued the online sale of its popular nicotine pouch brand, Zyn.
  • Bangkok: 'Stop Giving Money to Beggars' Thailand’s government has decided to increase its crackdown on beggars in popular tourist areas. Foreigners will also be asked to refrain from giving money to beggars in popular vacation spots, including Bangkok. According to the South China Morning Post (SCMP) on June 12, Thailand plans to strengthen its crackdown on beggars who flock to the […]
  • Louisiana Passes Law That Allows Physical Castration of Child Sex Offenders News has emerged that a law allowing the physical castration of child sex offenders is set to be implemented in the state of Louisiana. According to Yonhap News, the Associated Press reported that the Louisiana State Legislature passed a bill on June 3 that allows judges to order physical castration through surgical procedures in addition […]
  • Kosovo Signs Off on Controversial Deal to Lease 300 Jails to Denmark The Parliament of Kosovo, a small Balkan nation, approved the Prison Cell Lease Agreement signed wit ...
  • South Korean Court Orders Parents to Pay Compensation in Place of Their Minor A recent court ruling has determined that if the perpetrator of illegal filming in the bathroom is a minor, the parents must also pay compensation to the victim. Recently, Judge Kim Dong Seok of the Suwon District Court Civil Affairs 8 Single Bench ruled in favor of the plaintiff, who was a sixth-grader at that […]
  • 10 Surprising Laws That Could Get You Arrested Abroad There is a saying, "When in Rome, Do as the Romans Do." Before traveling abroad, it is essential to ...
  • Legal Showdown Between US Government and TikTok Over Forced Business Divestiture On May 7th, TikTok, the popular Chinese video-sharing platform, officially filed a lawsuit against a U.S. law mandating the company’s divestiture. In their legal filing in Washington D.C., TikTok claimed that the divestiture law, rooted in ambiguous national security concerns, exercises an unconstitutional and extraordinary power that violates the free speech rights of 170 million […]
  • Is the Elite Vehicles Act a Threat to Affordable Electric Cars in the US? There are Senate and presidential elections in the U.S. this year. As confirmed by Trump’s presidency, candidates incite the emotions of specific regional voters with catchy phrases. This time, the Detroit News reported that the Republican Party is introducing the Elite Vehicles Act, which significantly eliminates benefits equivalent to inflation reduction. Senator John Barrasso, a […]
  • South Korean Supreme Court Child Abuse Case Ruling That May Shock You Three years of sexual abuse by parents and acquaintancesInterview was recorded by a statement analyst at the prosecutor’s request The Supreme Court has ruled that statements recorded by a statement analyst affiliated with the prosecution during an investigation cannot be used as evidence in court. Statement analysts evaluate the credibility of statements related to a […]
  • Mother Sentenced to Seven Years for Killing Infant by Throwing Her Out of Window A mother who threw her six-month-old baby out of an apartment window, killing the child, has been sentenced to seven years in prison. According to the legal community, on the 19th, the Gwangju District Court’s Criminal Division 11 (Judge Ko Sang Young) sentenced the woman in her 20s, who was indicted on murder charges, to […]
  • Arizona Revives 160-year-old Abortion Ban With about seven months left until the US election, a court ruling banning abortion in Arizona, a key battleground state, is expected to emerge as a major election issue. According to foreign media such as the New York Times (NYT), CNN, and AP, on the 9th (local time), the Arizona Supreme Court ruled that it […]
  • Man in His 30s Enters the Country Carrying a Sanitary Pad - What Was Hidden Inside? A male individual in his thirties, who clandestinely transported narcotics into the country concealed within feminine hygiene products, has been handed a nine-year prison sentence. According to the legal community, on the 8th, the Busan District Court’s Criminal Division 6, under Judge Kim Yong-Kyun, sentenced a man in his thirties prosecuted for violating the Act […]
  • TikTok Sale Mandate Clears US House, Heads to Senate for Further Review With a landslide vote, the US House has passed a law forcing the sale of TikTok, a short video platform subsidiary of Chinese tech giant ByteDance. According to AP and The Wall Street Journal (WSJ), the US House passed the “bill to protect citizens from applications controlled by an enemy nation” on the 13th (local […]
  • Man in his 20s Skirts Military Service with Extreme Weight Loss A man in his 20s who purposely lost weight to avoid conscription has been given probation. According to the legal community on the 12th, Gwangju District Court’s Criminal Division 8 (Judge Yong Shin Kim) revealed on the 11th that it had sentenced a man in his 20s to six months in prison with a two-year […]
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