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  • Kim Jong Un's Face on Every Chest in North Korea! For the first time, a badge bearing the face of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un alone has been spotted in a North Korean official meeting.
  • A Look Inside North Korea's Trash Balloons Fragments of a document titled “Kim Jong Il Teachings” were found in the waste carried by several trash balloons sent by North Korea. The Ministry of Unification interpreted this as a sign of discontent among North Korean residents. According to the Ministry of Unification on the 25th, an analysis of the contents of about 70 […]
  • Most Powerful Weapon Against North Korea is THIS: Why Truth Strikes Fear The South Korean government decided to resume loudspeaker broadcasts toward North Korea on the 9th in response to a series of provocations.
  • Propaganda War Heats Up: North Korea Threatens Action Over South Korea's Loudspeaker Broadcasts Following the South Korean government's decision to suspend the 9/19 Comprehensive Military Agreement, North Korea has warned of...
  • Propaganda War: North Korean Defectors Deploy Balloons Over Border South Korean military confirmed that a North Korean defector group dispersed the balloons for North Korea in the border area
  • South Korea Threatens North Korea With Loudspeaker Propaganda Amid Rising Tensions Yonhap News On the 4th, National Security Adviser Chang Ho Jin said that whether to resume the frontline loudspeaker broadcasts, a psychological warfare tool against North Korea, “largely depends on North Korea.” Appearing on KBS 9 News that day, Chang said, “Of course, we have such a policy (on the loudspeaker broadcasting resumption) and will […]
  • K-Pop vs. Propaganda: North Korea Halts Balloons, South Korea Threatens Broadcasts Not even a day after the South Korean government hinted at the possibility of resuming loudspeaker broadcasts in North Korea, the North has announced a temporary halt to its balloon propaganda campaign. Media outlets have speculated that its decision may be due to its sensitivity to criticism of its human rights record and broadcasts of […]
  • Ceasefire in the Skies: North Korea Puts Provocative Balloon Campaign on Hold While South Korea have established foundational principles regarding their response to North Korea, these will be reviewed during the meeting.
  • Kim Jong Un's Sister Mocks South Korea with Trash-Filled Balloons: Border Showdown Imminent? Objects believed to be remnants of balloons used by North Korea to distribute propaganda leaflets ha ...
  • Emergency in Seoul: North Korean Flyers Spark Military Response Propaganda leaflets from North Korea have been found in various locations. On the night of the 28th, an emergency disaster alert was sent to some residents in the Gyeonggi and Seoul areas. The alert advised residents to refrain from outdoor activities and to report to the military if they identify any unknown objects suspected to […]
  • North Korean Propaganda Balloons Create Panic in South Korea A photo of a North Korean propaganda balloon found in Paju City, Gyeonggi Province, on the 29th. Yo ...
  • TikTok Video Praising Kim Jong Un Blocked: Sparks National Security Concerns in South Korea KCSC held a subcommittee meeting and blocked access to 29 TikTok videos with four correction requests and one not applicable.
  • North Korea's Propaganda Mastermind Passes Away at 94 Kim Ki Nam, former Secretary of Propaganda and Agitation of the North Korean Workers’ Party, has passed away. Kim Ki Nam was at the forefront of idolization and propaganda campaigns spanning three generations, from Kim Il Sung, and Kim Jong Il, to Kim Jong Un. According to a report quoted by Yonhap News, the Korean […]
  • North Korea's Propaganda Video: A Symphony of Defiance Against UN Sanctions Recently, when North Korea released a propaganda song praising its leader, Kim Jong Un, there were allegations of United Nations security violations due to the appearance of expensive Japanese musical instruments, which North Korea cannot import, in the music video. On the 30th, Radio Free Asia (RFA) quoted a post on the U.S. social media […]
  • How Communist-Era Buildings Inspired Wes Anderson's Masterpiece - Part 2 The pink exterior of the Odessa National Art Museum in Kyiv, Ukraine, which was once a European communist country, reminds us of the movie The Grand Budapest Hotel. Sprzeczna 4, a multi-family house in the Praga district of Warsaw, Poland, was reportedly restored using prefabrication methods to replicate a building constructed during the communist era. […]
  • North Korean Defectors File Lawsuit for Forced Detention North Korean defectors of Japanese-Korean descent who escaped from North Korea’s forced detention are filing a damages lawsuit against the North Korean government at the Seoul Central District Court. This is the first time a civil lawsuit against North Korea has been filed in a domestic court. The Database Center for North Korean Human Rights […]

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