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  • Kim Jong Un Meets Russian Deputy Defense Minister to Boost Military Ties North Korean leader Kim Jong Un mentioned military cooperation with Russia during his meeting with the Russian deputy Defense Minister.
  • China Faces 'Death Peak': 19 Million Annual Deaths by 2061 A study has found that China will face an unprecedented population decline, with 19 million deaths annually by 2061.
  • Chinese Companies Caught Forcing Pregnancy Tests on Job Applicants Companies in China that have forced new female employees to undergo pregnancy tests have been exposed by prosecutors.
  • Former CIA Analyst Charged: Alleged Secret Dealings for South Korea U.S. Federal Prosecutors have indicted Sue Mi Terry on charges of acting as a representative for the South Korean government.
  • Trump's Bloodied Image Now a Best-Selling T-Shirt – Supporters Rally Online The attempted assassination of Former US President Donald Trump has spawned a frenzy of online merchandise.
  • Trump Shooter Used Father's Rifle; Explosives Found in Vehicle and Home Explosives have been discovered in the vehicle and home of the gunman who targeted former President Donald Trump.
  • Lone Gunman with No Prior Threats Targets Trump: The Full Story The FBI added that they could not find any record of mental illness or threatening activity online from the suspect Thomas Matthew Crooks.
  • Why Airbnb Failed in Africa: Bongalo's Bold Approach A new accommodation platform targeting the African market has emerged. It remains to be seen whether this startup can succeed in Africa.
  • China's Role in Fashion Waste: 57 Million Pounds of Clothing Dumped Every Year Over 57.3 million pounds (26 million metric tons) of clothing are thrown away annually, with the majority ending up in landfill.
  • Neuralink to Enhance Human Intelligence: The Next Step in AI Integration Neuralink, a neuroscience startup led by Tesla CEO Elon Musk, plans to implant a chip into the human brain for the second time in about a week. Musk will stream live on X on the 10th, as reported by CNBC. He also expressed his hope to apply this technology to a sample of patients by […]
  • Trader Joe's Seasoning Sparks Customs Chaos for South Korean Travelers Incidents involving inspection and confiscation at Korean customs are arising due to "Everything but the Bagel Sesame" from Trader Joe's.
  • China Firmly Opposes NATO's Encroachment in Asia-Pacific On July 9, China expressed strong criticisms of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) summit. This reaction comes in response to NATO’s cooperation with Asia-Pacific countries such as South Korea, Japan, Australia, and New Zealand. Foreign Ministry spokesperson Lin Jian responded to questions regarding China’s position in terms of NATO during a press conference on […]
  • Could Trump's Return Lead to an Enhanced U.S. Nuclear Umbrella in Asia? Frederick Fleitz, Vice Chairman of the America First Policy Institute (AFPI) and a known close associate of former U.S. President Donald Trump stated on July 9 that there would be no reduction or withdrawal of U.S. forces in South Korea if Trump were to regain power. Fleitz, in a meeting with reporters in Seoul, said […]
  • Are North Korean Troops Heading to Ukraine? New Military Movements Suggest Possibilities North Korean military officers responsible for the nation's military education are set to visit Russia.
  • Former Chinese Ambassador Cui Tiankai: 'Blindly Worshiping the U.S. is Neither Scientific Nor Objective' Cui Tiankai, the longest-serving Chinese ambassador to the U.S., has urged China’s youth to objectively understand America’s rise and fall. According to the South China Morning Post (SCMP), Cui gave a commencement speech at Shanghai Tech University on the 7th. During the speech, he emphasized the rise and fall of superpowers. He particularly mentioned how […]
  • Can MRIs Predict Parkinson's? New Research Says Yes A study has shown that the patterns of brain atrophy in Parkinson's disease patients can be predicted by MRI scans.
  • Say Hello to Your New Diet Plan for That Hot Summer Bod Balance Your Daily Intake of Carbohydrates, Proteins, and Fats Most of us know the basic diet formula: However, managing the ratio and intake of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats each day is more important. Daily Intake Plan: Did you know that when you lose weight, you also lose muscle? To minimize muscle loss, make sure you […]
  • South Korean President's Hawaii Arrival Sets Stage for Critical NATO Talks South Korean President Yoon Suk Yeol arrived in Honolulu, Hawaii, on July 8 to begin his US trip focused on security.
  • Get Snatched With These 5 Everyday Habits Now that the summer season is here, so is the summer heat. We tend to dress down to stay cool, but some of us are not that confident in showing certain parts of our bodies due to our weight. But worry no more dearest readers. Add these 5 habits into your everyday routine to help […]
  • If Your Boss Exhibits One of These Signs, RUN!!! Job interviews are not just about selling yourself. It’s also a chance to evaluate who could become your boss and identify if they might be a terrible one. According to a survey, nearly half of employees have considered leaving their job due to a difficult boss. Given this, it’s crucial to know what to look […]
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    Why You’ll Never See Trash at Disneyland: The 30-Foot Rule


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    Hollywood's Next Big Hits: Top 10 Upcoming Movies You Can't Miss


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    Barcelona Bumps Up Tourist Tax: Travel Just Got Pricier!


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    Tesla Cybertruck Outsells Ford F-150 Lightning in May


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    First-of-its-Kind Suicide Capsule to be Used in Switzerland


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