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  • U.S. Treasury: We Must Collaborate to Fight Against China's Low Cost Offensive U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen has stated that the U.S. and Europe must collaborate to prevent China’s low-cost offensive. She revealed that this issue will be significantly discussed at the upcoming meeting of finance ministers from the Group of Seven (G7) countries next month. According to the New York Times (NYT), on the 21st (local […]
  • Global Tensions Rise: ICC Issues War Crime Warrants for Israeli and Hamas Leaders Europe is divided over the International Criminal Court (ICC) prosecutor’s request for arrest warrants on war crime charges against both the Israeli and Hamas leadership in the Gaza Strip. This contrasts with the response when a similar warrant was sought against Russian President Vladimir Putin. After the warrant request on the 20th, many European nations […]
  • Biden Struggles as 40% of Voters Favor Trump's Economic Approach President Joe Biden’s approval ratings have plunged to the lowest point of his presidency as 40% of voters responded that the economy was better during former President Donald Trump’s tenure. Reuters reported on the 21st (local time), “The poll showed just 36% of Americans approve of Biden’s job performance as president, down from 38% in […]
  • From Abduction to Murder: The Dark Tale of a Korean Victim in Thailand The police have altered the charges against a suspect who has been denying his involvement in the murder of a fellow Korean in Pattaya, Thailand. From aiding and abetting murder to robbery and murder, the police have now detained the suspect and sent him to the prosecutors. On May 22, the South Gyeongsang Provincial Police […]
  • Navigating Carbon Costs: Small Businesses in South Korea Face New EU Export Challenges The Ministry of SMEs and Startups held an EU Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM) Response SME Support Plan Announcement Meeting at the Korea Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Jung-gu, Seoul, on the 22nd. The CBAM, which has been on a trial run since last October, is a system that requires the purchase of certificates […]
  • President Biden's Attempt to Appeal to Black Voters On the 19th (local time), President Joe Biden appealed to Black voters, stating, “You are the reason why Donald Trump became a former president who lost and why he will lose again.” Amid falling support from Black voters, causing a crisis in his camp, President Biden is focusing on campaigning to win their votes, particularly […]
  • Will Donald Trump's Return as US President Boost Bitcoin Value? As the U.S. election approaches, cryptocurrency investors (voters) are rallying toward former President Donald Trump, who is known for his industry-friendly stance. This is due to expectations that a shakeup of Biden administration officials, who are against cryptocurrency, could have a positive effect on its value. According to a recent survey by U.S. cryptocurrency venture […]
  • U.S. Defense Vulnerability Exposed by Rising Climate Extremes There are projections that the increasingly frequent occurrence of extreme abnormal weather conditio ...
  • U.S. and Allies Slam ICC's 'Outrageous' Warrant Against Israeli Leaders Western governments, including Israel and the United States, have strongly opposed the International Criminal Court’s (ICC) request for arrest warrants on war crime charges against not only the leaders of the Palestinian armed group Hamas but also the Israeli Prime Minister and others on the 20th (local time). Members of the Israeli Knesset (Parliament, total […]
  • From Diplomacy to Outrage: How ICC's Recent Decisions Complicate U.S. Foreign Policy With Karim Khan, Chief Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (ICC) simultaneously requesting arrest warrants for the top leadership of both Israel and the Palestinian armed faction, Hamas, on grounds of war crimes, U.S. President Joe Biden of the United States has personally stepped forward to strongly criticize this as an outrageous action. On the […]
  • Middle East Unrest Pushes Investors Towards Gold and Silver International gold prices hit a record high on the 20th (local time). The June gold price on the COMEX in New York closed at $2438.50 per ounce, an increase of $21.00 (0.87%) from the previous trading day. Expectations of a cut in the U.S. benchmark interest rate, China’s economic stimulus measures, and geopolitical tensions in […]
  • South Korea Preps New Strategy After U.S. Takes Bold Step Against Chinese Imports Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Strategy and Finance, Choi Sang Mok, emphasized the need to prepare for the increasing uncertainty in the global economic and trade environment as the United States announced tariff increases on strategic items worth $18 billion imported from China. According to the Ministry of Strategy and Finance, on the 21st, […]
  • Iran in Mourning: President Ebrahim Raisi Dies in Unexpected Accident Ebrahim Raisi, the President of Iran, died in an unexpected helicopter crash. The sudden death of President Raisi has heightened tensions in the Middle East, which has become thin ice due to the war between Israel and Hamas in the Gaza Strip. According to IRNA, the Iranian government officially announced the death of President Raisi […]
  • Kim Jong Un Sends Condolences After Shocking Death of Iranian Leader North Korea’s leader, Kim Jong Un, expressed his condolences on the 20th for the tragic death of Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi who was killed in a helicopter crash. Kim particularly referred to President Raisi as a “close friend of the North Korean people,” showing a sense of intimacy. The Korean Central News Agency reported on […]
  • China's New Robot Stands Strong Against Human Assault A Chinese robotics company, Unitree, has recently sparked public interest with a startling video demonstration of its humanoid robot, G1.
  • Trump's NRA Speech Halt: Momentary Lapse or Major Concern? Former President Donald Trump, the Republican presidential candidate, sparked controversy on the 18th (local time) by suddenly falling silent during a speech. The camp of President Joe Biden, who has been under attack for his “age-related risks,” seized the moment to escalate criticism, claiming that Trump is unfit for the presidency. On the 18th, Trump […]
  • China's Lethal Weather: Over 100 km/h Winds Wreak Havoc, Killing One Around 1 a.m., images of people being swept away while eating on the street were shared on social media.
  • Mercedes Workers in Alabama Vote Against Union Formation: What’s Next for UAW? Predictions have emerged that the momentum of the United Auto Workers (UAW) Union, which is seeking ...
  • U.S. and Saudi Arabia Near Major Security Deal Amid Middle East Tensions On the 19th (local time), U.S. National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan and Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman met in Dammam, Saudi Arabia, to discuss strengthening cooperation in various areas, including a broad security agreement between the two countries. The Saudi state-run SPA news agency reported that during the meeting, Sullivan and Crown Prince […]
  • Iranian President Missing After Helicopter Crash in Mountainous Terrain On the 19th (local time), Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi was reported missing following a helicopter crash in the mountainous region of northwestern Iran. The search operation is facing difficulties due to severe weather conditions. According to Yonhap News, Iranian authorities have dispatched over 60 rescue teams and mobilized military and Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) for a […]
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