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  • Russia's Power Reshuffle: Putin Replaces Defense Minister in Midst of Ukraine War As the war in Ukraine, ignited by Russia’s invasion, has continued for three years, Russian President Vladimir Putin has been broadening his scope since his recent re-election. Some suggest that Russia has launched a major counter-offensive after successfully blocking Ukraine’s last counter-attack. According to Yonhap News, TASS reported that Putin decided to replace his Defense […]
  • Mexico Election Chaos: 24 Candidates Killed, Hundreds Drop Out - Is Democracy Under Threat? As the aftermath of Senate elections early next month in Mexico, a wave of violence by criminal gang ...
  • Biden's Trade Tactics: New Tariffs Targeting Chinese Electric Cars The Biden administration in the United States is expected to announce a comprehensive decision on tariffs against China as early as this Tuesday, according to Bloomberg News on May 9, 2024. This is expected to target key strategic sectors while rejecting the comprehensive tariff hike pushed by former President Donald Trump. The U.S. government plans […]
  • North Korea Threatens Nations Enforcing UN Sanctions to Reconsider Positions On the 13th, North Korea criticized the recent intensification of surveillance by UN member countries to implement the Security Council’s sanctions against North Korea, calling it a “provocative act that led to escalating tensions and destabilization.” The director of the Foreign Policy Department of the North Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs expressed serious concern about […]
  • Trump's Bid for Presidency: A Billion-Dollar Bargain with Oil Executives Donald Trump, who is running for his second term in the 2024 Presidential Election always attracts attention with his comments. He’s good at such strategies. According to The Washington Post, he told oil company executives that he would end the electric vehicle incentives if they donated $1 billion to his election campaign. It’s well known […]
  • Inside Trump's 'America First' Approach to North Korea A close associate of former President Donald Trump has gained attention for stating that Trump’s policy towards North Korea was a prime example of his “America First” foreign policy. While the Trump administration collaborated with allies such as South Korea and Japan, it ultimately made decisions that were in the best interest of the United […]
  • Face Recognition Disorder: Are You One of the Two in Every Hundred Affected? Hollywood actor Brad Pitt and South Korean actors Kim Soo Mi, Oh Jung Se, and Park So Hyun have all disclosed that they face blindness. 
  • U.S. and China Face Off in High-Level AI Risk Summit The United States and China are slated to hold their first high-level talks on the dangers of AI...
  • Biden Targets Unfair Chinese Trade Practices with New Tariff Policy As early as the 14th, Biden announced directlyIncluding electric vehicles, batteries, semiconductors ...
  • Yellen: U.S. Eyes Targeted Measures Against China Amid Tariff Talks Amid plans for the U.S. to impose "bombshell tariffs" on Chinese electric vehicles (EVs) and other g ...
  • North Korea's 1970s Rockets Found in Ukraine Conflict, Linked to Russia South Korea's intelligence agency has confirmed that it is tracking North Korea's trend ...
  • North Korean Hackers Linked to Massive Data Breach in Court Systems North Korean hacker group Lazarus has infiltrated the South Korean court's computer network...
  • Is Xi Jinping the New Emperor? How China's Leader Cemented Power and Eyes a Fifth Term As Xi Jinping, the General Secretary and President of China, has been making waves from east to west ...
  • China's Illegal Island Construction? Philippines Spots Suspicious Activity in South China Sea Philippine government has deployed coast guard vessels to a disputed area...
  • North Korea's Latest Threat: Kim Jong Un Test Drives New Artillery Targeting South Korea Kim Jong Un, Chairman of the State Affairs Commission of North Korea, reportedly visited key defense ...
  • Tesla's China Sales Dip: What's Behind the Drop in April Figures? Tesla's retail sales in China in April were 31,421 units, down 21.4 percent from a year ago. Based o ...
  • Kashmir's Economic Crisis Sparks Protests: One Officer Dead, Dozens Injured Kashmir is facing its worst economic crisis. According to a local official on the 12th, in Pakistan- ...
  • Blinken: Israel's Tactics May Violate International Humanitarian Law Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (right) is seen shaking hands with U.S. Secretary of Stat ...
  • First Recipient of Pig Kidney Transplant Passes Away: Mass. General Hospital Confirms A man in his 60s who received a genetically modified pig kidney transplant in the U.S. last March ha ...
  • UK's Foreign Secretary Firm on Continued Arms Support to Israel, Despite U.S. Halting UK Foreign Secretary David Cameron/EPA-Yonhap NewsOn the 12th, UK Foreign Secretary David Cameron s ...
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