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  • Trump's Promise to Oil Tycoons: Give Me a Billion, I'll Scrap Climate Policies "You have to raise one billion dollars to send me back to the White House,"Former President Donald T ...
  • Trump's Youngest Son Barron Steps into the Political Arena EPA Yonhap NewsBarron Trump, aged 18, the youngest son of former U.S. President Donald Trump, will ...
  • U.S. Encourages South Korea to Decide Its Own Ukraine Aid The U.S. believes that "South Korea will decide on the items it supports Ukraine with."
  • Netanyahu Defies Biden's Warnings, Proceeds with Military Operation Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is seen attending a Holocaust Remembrance Day memorial ce ...
  • Hungary Welcomes China's Investment: A Strategic Move Amid EU's Resistance Chinese President Xi Jinping (left) and Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban. Photo: Xinhua/Yonhap ...
  • Shaky Skies: Boeing's Recent String of Aircraft Malfunctions Raises Concerns The world’s largest aircraft manufacturer, the American Boeing Company, has recently been plagued by a series of aircraft malfunctions. Controversy arose when an employee from a supplier claimed that they found “200 defects in airplane parts.” According to CNN on the 8th (local time), a Boeing 767 cargo plane belonging to the FedEx Express made […]
  • Biden's Threat to Israel: No More Weapons if Ground War Ensues Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu [Photo=AP·Yonhap News]Amidst public warnings from Presiden ...
  • Biden's Clear Warning to Israel: 'We Will Withdraw Military Support If You Attack Rafah' Biden’s most direct stance yet after the warConcerns overuse of 2,000-pound bombs provided by the U.S. AP United News On the 8th (local time), in an interview with CNN, President Joe Biden said, “If Israel goes on to attack the southern Gaza Strip in Rafah, we will stop supplying weapons.” This is the first time […]
  • Will Russia and North Korea Rise as the World's New Power Duo? North Korean leader Kim Jong Un sent a congratulatory telegram to Russian President Vladimir Putin on the 79th anniversary of Victory Day, which commemorates Russia’s victory in World War II. Russia also expressed its willingness to develop cooperation with North Korea in all areas, suggesting that the relationship between North Korea and Russia is deepening. […]
  • Russia's Chilling Warning to France: Stay Out of Ukraine Maria Zakharova, the spokesperson for the Russian Foreign Ministry, warned on the 8th (local time) that if France deploys troops to Ukraine, they would inevitably become a target for Russian forces. During a briefing on the same day, Zakharova stated, “If the French appear in the conflict zone, they will inevitably become a target of […]
  • Stalemate in Cairo: Israel-Hamas Peace Talks Show No Sign of Progress AFP United News Reuters reported on May 8th that Israel showed no signs of progress in the ceasefire negotiations with Hamas and Gaza, which are currently underway in Cairo, Egypt. An Israeli official said, “We have not seen signs of a breakthrough in the ceasefire negotiations with Hamas for the release of hostages,” adding, “However, […]
  • Legal Showdown Between US Government and TikTok Over Forced Business Divestiture On May 7th, TikTok, the popular Chinese video-sharing platform, officially filed a lawsuit against a U.S. law mandating the company’s divestiture. In their legal filing in Washington D.C., TikTok claimed that the divestiture law, rooted in ambiguous national security concerns, exercises an unconstitutional and extraordinary power that violates the free speech rights of 170 million […]
  • Graphite Mining Companies Outraged as Biden Administration Lifts Chinese Graphite Ban The U.S. government is set to hold discussions with domestic graphite producers who suffered damage due to the postponement of a ban on graphite from China. It is analyzed as a means to appease graphite mining companies that are dissatisfied with the Biden administration’s decision. According to industry sources on the 8th, the U.S. government […]
  • US Moves to Tighten Investment Restrictions on Chinese Tech Firms As the U.S. government aims to fully control the flow of American capital and technology into China’s advanced technology sector, regulations restricting investments in China are expected to be completed within the year. According to Reuters on the 8th (local time), Secretary of Commerce Gina Raimondo said at a House hearing that the Treasury Department […]
  • EU Agrees to Use Frozen Russian Assets for Ukraine's Defense Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Union (EU) Executive Commission, is delivering a sp ...
  • US-China Tech War Intensifies: Intel Faces Sales Drop Due to Semiconductor Sanctions The U.S. government is increasingly imposing sanctions on China’s semiconductor and artificial intelligence (AI) industries. The ban on the sale of central processing units (CPUs) for PCs, which had previously been allowed for export, has led to inevitable revenue losses for leading U.S. semiconductor company, Intel. Additionally, there are reports that measures to block the […]
  • Chinese Hurdler Under Fire for Excessive Focus on Appearance Amid Poor Performance Chinese track star Wu Yanni faces criticism after her disappointing performance at the Diamond Leagu ...
  • North Korean Missiles in Ukraine: Analysis Shows High Failure Rate An official examines a North Korean missile fired by Russia in Kharkiv, Ukraine, last January—/Reute ...
  • Will South Korea Join the Enemy? Plans to Engage With China and Russia Yonhap News As President Yoon Suk Yeol enters his third year in office, he addresses the perceived limitations of his foreign and security policies, particularly in managing relations with China and Russia. Minister of Foreign Affairs Cho Tae Yul is expected to visit China for the first time in six years as Foreign Minister. Unlike […]
  • Is China Behind the UK Defense Ministry Data Breach? Amid increased crackdowns on spy incidents linked to China and Russia, allegations have emerged that Chinese-linked hackers have infiltrated the UK military’s payroll system. The BBC and Sky News reported on the 7th (local time) that hackers related to China are suspected of infiltrating the payroll system, which contains the names and bank information of […]
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