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  • From K-Pop to Global Pop: NewJeans' Latest Hits Make Waves Worldwide NewJeans’ How Sweet has made a splash on the major U.S. Billboard charts. NewJeans secured #12 on the Bubbling Under Hot 100 with their double single How Sweet according to the latest U.S. Billboard chart. The Bubbling Under Hot 100 ranks the 25 songs that did not make it onto Billboard’s main Hot 100 chart. […]
  • K-Pop Sensation NewJeans Funds College Dreams with Festival Earnings ADOR and NewJeans announced on June 3 that they donated all profits from their university festival performances to the Korean Scholarship Foundation. ADOR and NewJeans stated, “We received a lot of love and support while performing at seven university festivals over a week. We wanted to give back to the college students who need help. […]
  • Breaking Records: NewJeans Hits #1 on Billboard 200 in Record Time NewJeans was recognized as one of the most innovative and influential musical artists under 21. On May 31, Billboard announced the 21 Under 21 list on its website, with NewJeans as the only K-pop act to make the cut this year. 21 Under 21 is chosen by Billboard each year, taking various factors such as […]
  • NewJeans Launches 'How Sweet' Pop-Up Store with a Nostalgic Twist! NewJeans is opening an offline pop-up store in South Korea for fans to enjoy their double single “How Sweet.” From June 5 to 17, NewJeans’ How Sweet POP-UP will be held at Line Friends Square in Sinsa. IPX, formerly Line Friends and now the official business partner for NewJeans IP merchandise will join the event. […]
  • NewJeans Drops New Double Single 'How Sweet': A Fresh Take on Hip-Hop Music NewJeans is making a comeback with its vibrant hip-hop music.Their agency, ADOR, recently announced ...
  • NewJeans’ Parents Hire Top Lawyer Amidst Company Clash Amid the ongoing legal dispute between ADOR CEO Min Hee Jin and HYBE, NewJeans' parents appointed a ...
  • Grammy-Winning Artist Pharrell Williams Collaborates With NewJeans World-renowned pop icon Pharrell Williams has participated as a composer and lyricist in NewJeans’ Japanese debut single. According to their agency, ADOR, on May 13th, Pharrell Williams was credited with NewJeans’ Japanese debut single “Supernatural” and the title track of the same name. “Supernatural” strikes a perfect balance between a nostalgic melody and the members’ […]
  • HYBE's Chairman Loses $470 Million in Stock Value Amidst Company Dispute Seoul Economy StarDB Recent internal conflicts over management rights resulted in a decrease in the stock value of HYBE, a record planning and production company owned by Chairman Bang Si Hyuk, by 550 billion won ($402 million). According to the Korea CXO Research Institute, which specializes in corporate analysis, 30 individual shareholders had a market […]
  • NewJeans' 'Bubble Gum' Blows Up on Global Music Scene The girl group NewJeans’ latest single, “Bubble Gum,” has again proven its influence in the music market by achieving notable success on YouTube. On the 6th, Their agency ADOR announced that the “Bubble Gum” music video had reached the top ranks of various domestic and international YouTube weekly charts. Specifically, the ‘Bubble Gum’ music video […]
  • HYBE'S Weverse Under Fire for Alleged Cult Links Claims of a connection between HYBE and a cult have been spreading widely, causing sparks to fly towards “Weverse,” a subsidiary of HYBE, and “WeaversMind,” an educational content company with a similar name. HYBE photo and WeaversMind post On the 28th, WeaversMind stated through their official account that “the reckless remarks made recently about our […]
  • HYBE's Stock Price Plummets: Will the Company Recover? HYBE’s stock price collapsed below $145.32 during the day. According to the Korea Exchange on the 26th, HYBE’s stock price plummeted to 199,800 won ($145.17) during the day, falling below the 200,000 won ($145.32). HYBE had recovered the 200,000 won ($145.32) level last month and maintained the early 200,000 won ($145.32) range for about a […]
  • K-Pop Empire in Turmoil: HYBE VS ADOR Tensions and discord between Bang Si Hyuk, often referred to as the father of BTS, and Min Hee Jin, a.k.a the mother of NewJeans, are escalating, causing a split among international K-pop fans. The industry is watching closely as this situation could ruin K-pop’s reputation. On the 22nd, news broke that HYBE had invoked its […]
  • K-Pop Idol Drama: Power Struggle at the Top Spells Trouble for NewJeans and ILLIT “ILLIT is copying NewJeans in every aspect of entertainment activities such as hair, makeup, costumes, choreography, photography, video, and event appearances.” Amidst a conflict between South Korea’s largest record planning company, HYBE, and its subsidiary label ADOR, CEO Min Hee Jin argued that the fundamental issue is not a hostile takeover but ILLIT’s copying of […]
  • Scandal Unfolds as Company Independence Plot Revealed: HYBE vs. ADOR ADOR’s CEO, Min Hee Jin, and her close associate have been found to have developed Investor Relations (IR) materials to become independent. Insiders familiar with HYBE’s operations disclosed on the 22nd that the audit team uncovered plans by ADOR’s CEO Min Hee Jin and her close associate to consider selling to global sovereign wealth funds, […]
  • NewJeans Wraps Up 'Get Up' Activities: Celebrating Unforeseen Success NewJeans concludes a successful run with the 'Get Up' album atop charts, global feats including US Billboard 200 and UK Official Albums Chart.

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