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  • Russia and North Korea Sitting in a Tree, M-I-S-S-I-L-E? With Russian President Vladimir Putin’s first visit to North Korea in 24 years set for next week, the international community, including South Korea, is on high alert for close relations between Russia and North Korea. The potential impact on the Korean Peninsula could be significant as the level of military cooperation between the two sides […]
  • A Closer Look At North Korea's Science and Technology Research The Rodong Sinmun reported on the 14th that North Korea’s science and technology sector is embarking on national priority projects. According to data compiled by the National Science and Technology Committee, following May, all national priority projects for this year have been progressing as planned so far this month. The Kim Chaek Iron and Steel […]
  • North Korea's Socialist System Crumbles: Corruption Skyrockets South Korean Minister of Unification announced that "North Korea's socialist distribution system has collapsed, and corruption is worsening."
  • UN Command Probes North Korean Intrusion and South's Loudspeaker Broadcasts The United Nations Command (UNC) stated that it takes its mission seriously and diligently investigates recent issues.
  • Is Putin Really Going to North Korea? Here's What We Know A senior Russian presidential official disclosed that President Vladimir Putin is scheduled to visit North Korea soon.
  • North Korea's Dual Threats Addressed at UN: Human Rights and Nuclear Issues South Korea presided over a UNSC meeting on North Korean human rights, facilitating discussions about the severe human rights situation.
  • North Korea May Use Cyber Attacks in Response to Propaganda Broadcasts As tensions rise on the Korean Peninsula, there are concerns that threats of cyberattacks from North Korea could increase. Unlike past military conflicts, North Korea is projected to escalate its level of cyber provocations, requiring extra caution. According to the cybersecurity industry on the 11th, the intelligence authorities are preparing for North Korea’s potential cyber […]
  • U.S. and Korean Defense Officials Firm on Deterring North Korean Nuclear Threat Amid Kim Yo Jong mentioning a new response and signaling further provocations, the U.S.-South Korea Nuclear Consultative Group (NCG) delegation made their first-ever visit to the South Korean Army’s Missile Strategy Command. It is evaluated that the U.S. and South Korea showed their deterrence by visiting the Missile Strategy Command which is the core capability of […]
  • Geopolitical Chess: Putin's Next Move Includes North Korea NHK reported on the 12th, citing multiple diplomatic sources including high-ranking Russian government officials, that Russian President Vladimir Putin is coordinating a visit to North Korea early next week. According to NHK, Putin will be visiting North Korea for the first time in 24 years since July 2000. The media outlet also stated that it […]
  • Is a New Cold War on the Rise? The United States and China are currently engaged in a power struggle as both countries clash over the expansion of nuclear weapons. After the U.S. expressed concerns over the growth of nuclear weapons in North Korea, China, and Russia, China responded by stating, “The country that needs to reduce and reflect on its nuclear weapons […]
  • North Korea Threatens to Hack Presidential Office with Deepfake Videos As North Korea escalates inter-Korean tensions with its globally unprecedented four times trash balloon attacks, attention is being drawn.
  • Satellite Snaps Reveal North Korea's Secret Missile Base Expansions North Korea appears to have consistently improved its facilities at several missile bases over the past five years.
  • North Korean 'Trash Balloons' Target Airports, Authorities Respond If a balloon dispersed by North Korea collides with an aircraft, it could cause engine failure or fire, potentially leading to...
  • South Korean Military Fire Warning Shots as North Korean Troops Cross Border Line It has been reported that North Korean military forces crossed the Military Demarcation Line (MDL) and then retreated.
  • Most Powerful Weapon Against North Korea is THIS: Why Truth Strikes Fear The South Korean government decided to resume loudspeaker broadcasts toward North Korea on the 9th in response to a series of provocations.
  • Biden and Macron Condemn North Korea's Military Aid to Russia During his state visit to France, U.S. President Joe Biden held a summit with French President Emmanuel Macron on June 8, where they strongly condemned the military cooperation between North Korea and Russia and reaffirmed their firm commitment to supporting Ukraine. The two leaders agreed to join forces for a ceasefire in the Gaza Strip […]
  • Satellite Images Suggest Russia May be Smuggling Weapons to North Korea Japanese newspaper Yomiuri Shimbun reported on June 9 that a Russian-flagged cargo ship had docked at North Korea’s Najin Port last April. There are allegations that Russia may have violated UN Security Council (UNSC) sanctions against North Korea and transported weapons for North Korea. The news outlet along with former UNSC North Korea Sanctions Committee […]
  • Nerve Gases in North Korean Trash Balloons? South Korean Authorities Investigate The rumor suggesting that North Korea's trash balloons scattered toward South might contain nerve agents has been debunked as fake news.
  • Putin Opens the Nuclear Door of Opportunity President Vladimir Putin of Russia has left the door open to the possibility of nuclear weapon testing, despite stating there is currently no need for Russia to utilize nuclear weapons. On June 7, at the main session of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF), Putin said, “The use of nuclear weapons is only possible […]
  • Is South Korea Mishandling North Korea's Provocations? Recently, Kim Byung Joo, a member of the Democratic Party, strongly criticized the South Korean government’s response to North Korea’s repeated provocations with waste balloons. On the 10th, Kim criticized the government on CBS Radio‘s Kim Hyun Jung’s News Show for ordering all military personnel to work normally over the weekend, saying, “They forced all […]
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