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  • Russian Warships Head for Cuba: Is America Ready? Russia has conducted a missile training exercise in the Atlantic Ocean en route to Havana Harbor in Cuba, near the United States.
  • Could China's Drone Fleet Overpower U.S. Strategies? Chinese military experts have dismissed American warnings that China could face a drone hell attack from the U.S.
  • Saudi Arabia Chooses Chinese Yuan Over US Dollar: Global Markets React Reports from industry sources reveal that the Petrodollar agreement between Saudi Arabia and the United States expired on the 9th.
  • US Electric Vehicle Buyers Score Big: $1 Billion Saved Thanks to New Tax Credits It was found that electric vehicle buyers in the US have saved more than $1 billion through the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) this year.
  • THIS 1-Cent Postage Stamp Could Sell For $5 Million at Auction This stamp, featuring Benjamin Franklin, one of America's Founding Fathers, is one of only two known to exist.
  • UAE Backs US Restrictions on Semiconductors Exports To China The United Arab Emirates has supported the U.S.'s export restrictions on large-scale AI accelerators to Middle Eastern countries.
  • U.S. Bans Imports from Three Chinese Companies Over Uyghur Forced Labor The U.S. government has added Chinese companies suspected of involvement in the forced labor of Uyghur minority to its import ban list.
  • Four US College Instructors 'Brutally' Stabbed in Public Park in China Four Americans were seriously injured in a knife attack in Jilin City, Jilin Province, northeastern China.
  • US Military's Plan to Counter China with 'Unmanned Hellscape' U.S. military has devised a drone hell strategy, deploying thousands of drones in preparation for a potential Chinese invasion of Taiwan.
  • Russia Races Ahead: Fast-Tracking Domestic Lithium Project Amid U.S. Sanctions Russia is fast-tracking its domestic lithium development project. Amid difficulties in lithium supply due to U.S. sanctions...
  • Why Amazon's Zoox Chose Miami and Austin for Their Next Robo-Taxi Trials? Zoox, a self-driving technology developer under Amazon, announced that it plans to begin testing soon in Miami, Florida, and Austin.
  • AI vs. Humanity: UN Security General Urges Action to Prevent AI-Powered Nuclear War UN Secretary-General has warned that the advancement of artificial intelligence (AI) technology could exacerbate the threat of nuclear war.
  • China's Top Tech Talent Chooses U.S. Over Home - Here's Why 90% of Chinese talents who earned their Ph.D. in AI and semiconductors from US universities have chosen to remain in the US.
  • Lockdown at the Border: Biden Signs Executive Order to Halt Asylum Claims Amid a rapidly deteriorating public opinion on the issue of illegal immigration among Americans, President Joe Biden has...
  • Beloved Marian Robinson, Michelle Obama's Mother, Passes Away at 86 Marian Robinson, the mother-in-law of former President Obama and mother of Michelle Obama, passed away at 86.
  • North Korea Fires Short-Range Missiles, U.S.-Japan-South Korea Respond with Strong Condemnation The defense ministers of South Korea, the U.S., and Japan strongly condemned North Korea's continuous reckless acts.
  • Fruit Fury: Koreans Outraged Over Cheap U.S. Apple Prices In Korea, apples are so expensive that they are called “golden apples.” While in the U.S., they are being sold for less than $2, sparking outrage among Korean consumers. Recently, a post titled “Current State of Apples that Used to Cost $7.32 Each” appeared on an online community, along with a picture presumed to be […]
  • Trump's True Colors: Betrayal and Distrust for Kim Jong Un Revealed: : 'He'd Stab Me in the Back' Allegations have surfaced that former U.S. President Trump displayed insults and distrust towards No ...
  • 13 Dead, Including Toddlers, as Tornadoes Ravage U.S. Heartland Thunderstorms with tornadoes hit the south-central region of the United States, causing massive damage.
  • Online Shopping Addiction? More Americans Buying During Work Image TodayAfter the pandemic, remote working and online shopping are surging in the United States. ...
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  • Transgender Athlete Lia Thomas Barred from 2024 Olympics After CAS Decision


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