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  • Airport Insider Reveals Why Your Luggage Comes Last Attaching accessories such as ribbons or luggage tags to identify suitcases easily can delay their delivery.
  • Initiative Calls for Senior Drivers to 'Surrender' Driver's Licenses to Enhance Road Safety There has been a suggestion for local governments to expand their budgets to support elderly drivers who surrender their licenses.
  • Hygiene Horror: Beijing Tea Shop Shuts Down After Video of Bare Feet in Sink Goes Viral It has been reported that a popular milk tea shop in China has been shut down after a video of one of its employees placing his bare feet on the sink went viral. On the 12th, Beijing Times reported that a video of an employee of the well-known milk tea shop, Mixue Ice Cream & […]
  • Denmark Recalls Korean Noodles Over Health Concerns Some of the Buldak Bokkeum Myeon (Hot Chicken Flavor Ramen) products manufactured by Samyang Foods were recalled in Denmark due to being too spicy. According to BBC and Time magazine on the 13th, the Danish Food and Drug Administration announced on the 11th that they would recall Samyang Foods Nuclear Buldak Bokkeum Myeon 3 times […]
  • 'We Are Not Slaves': South Korean Doctors Rally Against Government Orders While the Korean Medical Association (KMA) has declared a full-scale collective strike on the 18th, the KMA leadership is encouraging doctors to participate. According to the medical community on the 11th, President of the Korean Medical Association (KMA) Lim Hyun Taek claimed in a letter sent to KMA members. He wrote, “The government is once […]
  • South Korea and Turkmenistan Seal Deal on Major Gas Plant Projects South Korean President Yoon Suk Yeol is currently visiting Turkmenistan and has decided to strengthen the partnership between South Korea and Turkmenistan. The two countries agreed to expand cooperation in energy and plant businesses in Turkmenistan, the world’s fourth-largest holder of natural gas, to broaden the participation of South Korean companies. After a summit with […]
  • Most Powerful Weapon Against North Korea is THIS: Why Truth Strikes Fear The South Korean government decided to resume loudspeaker broadcasts toward North Korea on the 9th in response to a series of provocations.
  • Nerve Gases in North Korean Trash Balloons? South Korean Authorities Investigate The rumor suggesting that North Korea's trash balloons scattered toward South might contain nerve agents has been debunked as fake news.
  • Missing Mother Found Dead Inside 16-Foot-Long Python in Indonesia On June 8, villagers discovered a python near her belongings and subsequently found her body inside after cutting the python open.
  • AI vs. Humanity: UN Security General Urges Action to Prevent AI-Powered Nuclear War UN Secretary-General has warned that the advancement of artificial intelligence (AI) technology could exacerbate the threat of nuclear war.
  • Here's Why You Can't Recognize Your High School Skinny Friend Anymore Even those who prided themselves on never gaining weight can become prone to weight gain for various reasons.
  • YouTuber's Journey from 154 to 110 Pounds Leaves Viewers Stunned A YouTuber stressed out due to unsuccessful weight loss despite diligent dieting revealed the secret behind her successful weight loss.
  • YouTube Stunt Gone Wrong: Man Gets 4 Years for Assault to Boost Views A man in his 40s was sentenced to four years in prison for assaulting people and threatening them with a weapon in an attempt to increase the views on his YouTube channel. According to the legal community on the 7th, the Daejeon District Court’s 11th Criminal Division sentenced a 40-year-old man to four years in […]
  • Propaganda War: North Korean Defectors Deploy Balloons Over Border South Korean military confirmed that a North Korean defector group dispersed the balloons for North Korea in the border area
  • K-Pop vs. Propaganda: North Korea Halts Balloons, South Korea Threatens Broadcasts Not even a day after the South Korean government hinted at the possibility of resuming loudspeaker broadcasts in North Korea, the North has announced a temporary halt to its balloon propaganda campaign. Media outlets have speculated that its decision may be due to its sensitivity to criticism of its human rights record and broadcasts of […]
  • South Korean Man Knowingly Spreads STD, Avoids Prison Time A man in his 20s who hid the fact that he was infected with a sexually transmitted disease (STD), and infected a woman whom he had sexual relations with, was given a suspended sentence in his second trial. According to the legal community on the 4th, the Seoul Eastern District Court Criminal Appeals 1-1 Division […]
  • China's Checking Tourists' Phones Now? New Chinese Laws Spark Concern Concerns were raised that starting in July, cell phones and laptops of those entering China, includi ...
  • Omega-3 Supplements: Good for Some, Risky for Others, Here's Why A recent study suggests that the continuous intake of Omega-3 supplements by healthy individuals cou ...
  • Ramen for Weight Loss? It’s Possible with This Simple Trick! Many people believe that one should avoid ramen while dieting. However, if you only eat the noodles, ...
  • New Delhi Sizzles at 126°F, Highest Temperature Ever Recorded According to the Times of India and AFP, the Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) reported a temperature of 52.3 degrees Celsius.
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