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  • French Fries, Avocado, Foie Gras Banned at Paris Olympics - Here's Why! Starting July 26, French fries will no longer be available at the dining hall in the Olympic Village for the Paris Olympics.
  • Gen Z Sanctuary: Inside China's Unique Nursing Homes for Young Adults A new trend has emerged in China: nursing homes explicitly designed for people in their 20s and 30s.
  • Man Dies After Getting Stuck in Airplane Engine at Amsterdam Airport An accident occurred at the Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, where a man was killed after getting caught in the operating engine.
  • North Carolina Man Shares $100K Lottery Win with Friend - Here's Why A man who won $100,000 in the lottery has made headlines for keeping a past promise by sharing half ...
  • Taiwanese Tourists Denied Entry in Cuba: Is China to Blame? Recently, two cases have been of Taiwanese travelers being denied entry into Cuba. Suspicions have a ...
  • Caught by the Scanner: How 19 Plastic Surgeries Led to an Airport Security Snag! A well-known Taiwanese influencer, who has undergone 19 plastic surgeries, was reportedly stopped at an airport security checkpoint due to screws implanted in her face. Recently, the New York Post reported that Taiwanese model Fang Qiyuan (36), who has over 1.3 million followers on Instagram, was stopped at an airport inspection due to her plastic […]
  • Woman Caught Sleeping in Overhead Bin on Southwest Airlines Flight - What's Going on? A video of a woman lying in the airplane's overhead bin was recorded on TikTok and garnered over 5.1 million views.
  • Heartbreak Heist: Woman Scams Men on Dating App for Millions A woman in her 40s has been sentenced to prison for posing as a businesswoman on a dating app and approaching men to extort billions of Korean won (millions of U.S. dollars). On the 13th, According to legal sources, the Ulsan District Court Criminal Division 6 (Judge Choi Hee Dong) sentenced a woman in her […]
  • Shocking Discovery: Man Finds Out Child is Not His, Annuls Marriage A man who married due to a premarital pregnancy has revealed that he annulled his marriage after a paternity test showed the child was not his. He stated that the biological father was his wife’s coworker. A post titled “Guys, paternity test is a must” was posted on Blind, an anonymous community for office workers, […]
  • Warning: Spicy Chicken Ramen Sends Woman to Hospital in Agony Korea’s Buldak (Hot Spicy Chicken) Ramen Noodles have recently gained tremendous popularity in the United States. Amid this craze, a woman who claims that eating these noodles caused her to develop kidney stones has emerged and sparked a buzz. On the 29th, the Daily Mail mentioned a video by TikTocker Lucy Mourad, who lives in […]
  • Brazilian Woman Caught Dragging Dead Uncle to Bank for Loan In a peculiar incident in Brazil, a woman in her forties attempted to secure a loan using the identity of her deceased uncle by transporting his body to a bank. According to reports from Brazilian media outlets such as G1, on the 17th, Erika de Sousa Vieira Nunes (42) was apprehended by authorities while attempting […]
  • Coachella's Real Headliner: Staggering Food and Drink Prices “Three beers for $68…” The staggering prices at America’s largest music festival, Coachella, leave attendees in shock [YouTube Channel MMTG Recap] The Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, one of America’s largest music festivals, recently wrapped up, but the festival’s sky-high prices left attendees equally stunned as the dazzling performances. Broadcaster Jaejae, who was present […]
  • Shocked as Man Brings Dual Monitor Setup to Starbucks for Work A customer works on a computer with a laptop and a large monitor on a Starbucks table. / Instiz It seems that the café office tribe is evolving in bizarre ways. On the 19th, a photo of a customer with a laptop and a large monitor set up on a Starbucks table was shared on […]
  • Beauty and the Bots: World's First AI Beauty Pageant Announced The world’s first artificial intelligence (AI) beauty pageant is set to take place. The winning AI woman will receive $20,000 in prize money. According to the Daily Mail in the UK on the 15th (local time), Fanvue, a creator platform, is recruiting participants for the world’s first AI beauty pageant, scheduled for May. The judges […]
  • UK Strengthens Punishment for Illegal Videos Made With AI Artificial Intelligence (AI)  The UK government is significantly strengthening its punishment against illegal action that involves the use of artificial intelligence (AI) to superimpose someone else’s face onto explicit images or videos. According to the British Ministry of Justice on the 16th (local time), if the amendment to the criminal law bill currently going through […]
  • Can Money Buy Youth? Billionaire Who's Spending $2M to Stay Young Forever American billionaire Bryan Johnson, who invests $2 million annually to reclaim his youth, has sparked conversation by sharing his physical transformation on social media and conducting a poll asking when he looked his best. According to Business Insider, Johnson posted photos of himself from 2018, 2023, and 2024 on his X on the 10th. Alongside […]
  • China's Population Crisis: A Threat to Its Economic Supremacy? Elderly population expected to reach 38% by 2050Retirement age at 60, the world’s lowestThe Hukou System hinders economic growthUrbanization rate must reach 75-80% As China faces complex issues of economic slowdown, low birth rate, and aging population, its status as the world’s second-largest economy is wavering. The Economist recently introduced a solution for China’s population crisis. […]
  • Nike Faces Backlash Over Revealing Track Uniforms: Sexism in Sports? The recently revealed uniforms for the U.S. women’s track team for the 2024 Paris Olympics are sparking controversy due to their revealing design, reminiscent of swimwear. According to foreign media outlets like AP News on the 14th (local time), Nike unveiled the uniforms for the U.S. track team during the Nike Air Innovation Summit in […]
  • Debate Over Fu Bao: Should Taxpayers Foot the Bill for His Return? The debate over whether to bring back the giant panda Fu Bao, who returned to China on the 3rd of this month, continues to escalate. On the 13th, a post titled “Please deport those advocating for Fu Bao’s return at taxpayers’ expense” was uploaded on Seoul as You Imagin, a citizen participation platform operated by […]
  • Legging Legs Trend: Body Positivity or Dangerous Beauty Standard? Among the cultures created by social media, the challenge is a representative example, with a trend of various content emerging to allow many people to participate. The Leggings Leg Challenge, which is currently a hot topic, is a challenge to evaluate the shape of the legs when wearing leggings, and it is controversial because it […]
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  • Armani and Dior Under Investigation for Worker Exploitation in Italy
  • How Microsoft and Google Are Helping China Bypass U.S. Chip Export Controls
  • North Korea Drops Trash Balloons Across the Border for the 8th Time This Year
  • Kim Jong Un Meets Russian Deputy Defense Minister to Boost Military Ties
  • Biden Dropping Out? Pelosi Hints at a Shocking Election Decision
  • ‘It’s Spreading Rapidly’: Alarming New Disease That Has Experts Worried
  • China Faces ‘Death Peak’: 19 Million Annual Deaths by 2061
  • Cancer-Causing Chemicals Found in Women’s Underwear from Shein — Shocking New Report
  • How a Chinese Tycoon Turned Whistleblower Became America’s Most Wanted Fraudster
  • U.S. vs. China: How Biden’s New Rule Crashed the NASDAQ
  • Eric Trump Reveals the Painful Truth About His Father’s Bullet Wound
  • U.S.-China Arms Control Talks Frozen Amid Taiwan Weapon Sale Dispute


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    Don Jr. Says Shooting Incident Transformed His Father's Approach


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    Biden Goes into Isolation: COVID-19 Halts President's Nevada Campaign Plans


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    China Could Invade Taiwan in Days, Japanese Report Warns


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    Ex-CIA Analyst Charged with Illegal Activities for South Korea


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    Israeli Army to Draft Ultra-Orthodox Starting Sunday — Chaos Ensues


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    SpaceX and X to Call Texas Home, Musk Blames California Law


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    BTS Jimin to Perform New Single 'Who' Live on The Tonight Show


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    North Korean Mines Disguised as Leaves Could be Heading to South Korea


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    Meteor Blasts Across New York, Causing Explosive Sounds and Panic


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    From $5 to $11: Venice Increases Entrance Fees to Battle Tourist Invasion