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  • Shocking Ways Young Men Try to Avoid Military Service Revealed - Part 1 “I gained weight and stooped during the physical examination to get assigned to public service. I reduced my height to 5 feet 10 inches and put on weight until I reached 264 pounds.” “If you fall on your collarbone once, it easily breaks, and if it is cracked once, you’re exempt from military service.” “Just […]
  • Trump Faces Backlash for Sharing Fake Image of Bound Biden Donald Trump has sparked controversy by sharing a fake image of President Joe Biden, suggesting he’s bound and kidnapped ahead of the November elections. The New York Times reported on the 30th (local time) that “Donald Trump on Friday posted a video that featured an image of Joe Biden tied up,” adding, “Trump is showing […]
  • China's Generation Z and Millenials Work Fashion: Pajamas? According to a recent report, a recent trend among young Chinese workers involves wearing “gross outfits” to work. The New York Times (NYT) reported on the 26th (local time) that the younger generation in China is posting pictures of themselves going to work in attire deemed inappropriate for the office, such as character pajamas and […]
  • North Korea's New Tanks vs. South Korea's K2 Black Panther: Which is Better? - Part 4 Automatic Object Tracking and Destruction with Fire Control System The K2 tank adopts the Extreme High Frequency (EHF) radar in the millimeter band, a distinctive feature in its class. Integrating the radar system with the fire control system enables the K2 to predict terrain elevation during movement, thus significantly bolstering stability while engaging targets on […]
  • North Korea's New Tanks vs. South Korea's K2 Black Panther: Which is Better? - Part 3 The K2 Black Panther tank is a 3.5th-generation tank. The criteria for classifying tanks as third-generation typically include the utilization of composite armor and the implementation of computerized shooting stability and firepower control systems. While conventionally, third-generation tanks favor smoothbore guns, considering exceptions like the UK’s FV4034 Challenger 2, with its rifled gun, smoothbore guns […]
  • North Korea's New Tanks vs. South Korea's K2 Black Panther: Which is Better? - Part 2 Featured 3.5 Generation Technology “Active Protection System” (APS) Another notable feature of the North Korean new tank is the “slat armor” positioned strategically at the rear of the chassis. This lattice-shaped armor causes the “shaped charge warhead” to explode before it hits tank armor, diminishing the penetration power of incoming projectiles by half. Due to […]
  • North Korea's New Tanks vs. South Korea's K2 Black Panther: Which is Better? - Part 1 Among the world’s top ten tanks, Germany’s Leopard 2A7+, the United States’ M1A2 Abrams, the United Kingdom’s Challenger 2, South Korea’s K2 Black Panther, and Israel’s Merkava MK4 dominate the leaderboard. Standing proudly among these prestigious tanks is South Korea’s own Black Panther. The Black Panther began its domestic development in 2003 and was completed […]
  • US Intelligence Community to Eliminate 'Blacklist' Term Over Racial Concerns Intelligence agencies issue guidelines on linguistic diversityBacklash from Conservatives: Nothing but a dog and pony show According to a report by the UK Telegraph on the 24th, the United States intelligence community seems to be discontinuing the use of the term ‘blacklist’ due to its racially discriminatory implications. The newspaper reported that the diversity, inclusivity, […]
  • Dirty Truth: Is Your Cutting Board Dirtier Than Your Toilet? The best way to learn how to eat right!
  • Chinese Middle School Boys Murdered and Buried Classmates Recently, in China, a brutal murder case has shocked the nation: A 13-year-old middle school student who was cruelly killed and secretly buried by three of his classmates. On the 19th, China Central Television (CCTV) reported heated debates about appropriate punishment for underage offenders in light of the tragic murder case that unfolded in Handan […]
  • Biden vs Trump: What's Hotter? Tension Between the Two Candidates or America's Future in Flames? Photo = AP Yonhap News The upcoming November U.S. presidential election has heated up with the offensive strategies of former President Donald Trump and current President Joe Biden. On the 16th (local time), former President Trump was criticized for his harsh remarks, including calling President Biden a “dumb president” and insulting immigrants. On the same […]
  • [Debate] Do You Think This Former Judge Fined for Prostitution Should Continue Teaching at a Law School? A professor at a prestigious law school in Seoul has been found to continue teaching even after being fined for prostitution. According to legal circles on the 15th, a former judge in his 50s affiliated with a renowned private law institution was indicted for soliciting sexual services from a woman he met via a smartphone […]
  • HIMARS vs. MLRS: Which Rocket System Packs a Bigger Punch? - Part 3 Precision Strike Within 10m of Target at 50 miles range The Ukrainian army’s counterattack also proved its performance. It was surprising enough to hit targets at a range of 43 to 50 miles within a radius of 10m. Mark Cancian, a senior advisor at the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) in the U.S., […]
  • HIMARS vs. MLRS: Which Rocket System Packs a Bigger Punch? - Part 2 “HIMARS” Leading Ukraine’s “Counterattack” As the Russian army, which has taken over Luhansk in the Donbas region in eastern Ukraine, intensifies its offensive on the nearby Donetsk region, the news that the American-made “HIMARS” is leading Ukraine’s “counterattack” is being reported through foreign media. The HIMARS, supported by the United States, is reducing the combat […]
  • HIMARS vs. MLRS: Which Rocket System Packs a Bigger Punch? - Part 1 When Russia invaded Ukraine two years ago, most expected Russia to win quickly. However, such predictions did not materialize. This is because, with the help of strong support from the West based on the Ukrainian military’s desperate resistance, Ukrainian weapons have caused significant damage to Russian troops, thwarting their advance. Among them, there is a […]
  • Trump Reignites Debate: Scrapping Electric Vehicle Policy? This year is a presidential election year in the United States. There is widespread talk about the need to respond to Trump’s possible re-election. Along with this, there are concerns about possible changes to Biden’s actively pursued electric car strategy. Trump has publicly declared that he will scrap Biden’s electric vehicle power. There has been […]
  • Business or Pleasure? Wife Uncovers Husband's Visit to Illicit Massage Parlor in Southeast Asia A story of a wife who discovered that her husband visited an illicit massage parlor with his colleagues while on a business trip in Southeast Asia has been shared. Although the husband claimed that, unlike his colleagues who enjoyed the decadent massage, he did not receive any services and waited in the waiting room, the […]
  • [Debate] Dissenting Voices in North Korea's Elections: A Step Towards Change? On April 10, 2024, South Korea will have its parliamentary elections. Meanwhile, North Korea held its local People’s Assembly delegate elections on November 26, 2023. In particular, there was a noteworthy point in this election: the emergence of dissenting votes in North Korea for the first time in 67 years. Are North Korea’s election system […]
  • Debate Emerges Over S&P 500 Surge: Bubble or Sustainable Growth? A sign announcing Wall Street is in front of the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) building. Reuters/Yonhap News The U.S. Standard & Poor’s (S&P) 500 index has been on a tremendous rise this year, repeatedly breaking its all-time highs. This has sparked a debate about whether the stock price is in a bubble. The controversy […]
  • [Debate] Will Chinese Electric Vehicles Take Over the European Market? Wariness against Chinese electric vehicles and concerns over the rising market share of Chinese electric vehicles in EuropeEU has predicted a response to Chinese electric vehicle companies through an anti-subsidy investigation Discrimination against Chinese electric vehicles begins in Europe According to reports from Chinese business media Caixin and Reuters, the European Union (EU) is establishing […]
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