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  • From Real Estate to Presidency: Trump's Early Years in New Film A film depicting the early business years of former President Donald Trump, who is gearing up for a rematch with President Joe Biden in the upcoming November U.S. election, will premiere at the Cannes Film Festival next month. According to the Cannes Film Festival Executive Committee on the 11th (local time), 19 films, including “The […]
  • Thailand's Shocking Move to Criminalize Marijuana Thai Prime Minister to review restrictions on marijuana for medical purposes The Thai government is expected to tighten regulations on recreational use of marijuana. According to the Korea Institute for International Economic Policy on the 10th, Thai Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin recently suggested in a media interview a shift toward restricting the use of marijuana […]
  • Taiwanese vs. Chinese Drones - Who Comes Out on Top? - Part 3 Taiwan is bolstering its surveillance capabilities in response to the threat of invasion from China. It plans to acquire four additional MQ-9B Sky Guardian drones from the U.S., building on the purchase of four reconnaissance MQ-9B Sea Guardian drones in 2020. Deliveries of the 2020 purchases are expected from 2025, while the current acquisitions are […]
  • Taiwanese vs. Chinese Drones - Who Comes Out on Top? - Part 2 China supports North Korea with New Star-4 production technology as needed The New Star-4 acquires target information, mainly supporting anti-ship ballistic missiles within the jurisdiction of the Chinese Northern Theater. This arrangement benefits both China and North Korea, with information gathered by Chinese reconnaissance aircraft like the WZ-7 relayed to North Korean strategic forces, aiding […]
  • Taiwanese vs. Chinese Drones - Who Comes Out on Top? - Part 1 Chinese WZ-7 capable of surveillance and attackEast Sea Reconnaissance Route Acquisition Information Transmission to Strategic Forces North KoreaCollecting information before and after Taiwan’s MQ-9B warUnmanned reconnaissance aircraft major asymmetric power On March 26, an unfamiliar aircraft appeared in the East Sea, prompting emergency takeoffs from Korean and Japanese fighter jets. An unmanned Chinese reconnaissance aircraft […]
  • Trump's 'Nice Countries' Comment Raises Eyebrows Remark made during a fundraising event in an affluent area in Palm Beach, FloridaComplaining, “People from nice countries like Denmark and Norway don’t come” Donald Trump, the U.S. Republican presidential candidate who has been outspoken in his criticism of illegal immigrants, reportedly stated that immigrants come to the U.S. only from “sh*thole countries” and not […]
  • South Korea's Spy Satellite vs. North Korea's Aerial Arsenal - Part 4 North Korea possesses the technology to enter and change orbits with a propulsion system If satellite technology is advanced enough to change orbits in space freely, North Korea could develop a more threatening weapon system than the current ballistic missile. Countries such as Russia and China are currently developing weapons using hypersonic missiles and space […]
  • South Korea's Spy Satellite vs. North Korea's Aerial Arsenal - Part 3 Plans to launch a 3,307 lbs satellite with a four-stage solid rocket This time, the solid rocket that launched the ultra-small SAR satellite is far ahead of North Korea. The launch vehicles used by North Korea to launch reconnaissance satellites three times so far have all been liquid rockets. Solid rockets can be launched quickly […]
  • South Korea's Spy Satellite vs. North Korea's Aerial Arsenal - Part 2 Experts, when comparing the space-related technological capabilities of South and North Korea, assert that we have an overwhelming advantage in both space launch vehicles and satellites, including reconnaissance satellites. “They unanimously agree that there is a significant difference in the surveillance and reconnaissance capabilities of reconnaissance satellites, such as their resolution. According to the Korea […]
  • South Korea's Spy Satellite vs. North Korea's Aerial Arsenal - Part 1 The difference is 10 times between North Korea 3㎡ and South Korea 0.3㎡30 minutes of surveillance period on North Korea for the launch of 40 ultra-small planesNorth Korea won’t release the filming video, so the performance is unknownProjectile thrust system high technical threat “It can identify objects on the ground as small as 3 centimeters. […]
  • Next-Gen Defense: Robotic Dogs in the U.S. Air Force - Part 1 Four years ago, a scene from a futuristic science fiction movie played out in real life during a U.S. Air Force training exercise, creating quite a stir. It was a scene of robotic military dogs sprinting from a U.S. Air Force cargo plane onto a runway in the Mojave Desert. These robotic dogs, airlifted with […]
  • Australia's North Korea Nightmare Uncovered: What You Need to Know How does Australia view North Korea? The relationship between Australia and North Korea is somewhat similar to, yet distinct from, that between North Korea and Japan. Our reporter, Kim Seok Hwi, from Australia, will explain which keywords are associated with North Korea in Australia. Unlike Japan, which has never established diplomatic relations with North Korea […]
  • Japan's Deep Fear of North Korea - What They're Really Searching For: Part 2 ◇ Keyword 2: Public Execution The second notable keyword is “public execution.” Japan also carries out executions. However, Article 477(2) of the Japanese Code of Criminal Procedure stipulates that no one can enter the execution ground unless they have been granted permission by a prosecutor or the head of the penal facility. In practice, entry […]
  • Japan's Deep Fear of North Korea - What They're Really Searching For: Part 1 Which are the two countries that dislike North Korea the most? Thanks to the influence of Hallyu (Korean Wave), global favorability towards South Korea is on the rise. But what about North Korea? The reality is that the world’s perception of North Korea, plagued by issues like provocations and violation of human rights, is not […]
  • Japan's Defense Export Revolution: A Game Changer in Global Politics? - Part 4 Competition between Korea and Japan in the fighter jet market is Inevitable The greatest concern for the South Korean defense industry is Japan’s move to export fighter jets. Japan, jointly developing next-generation fighter jets with the UK and Italy for deployment in the 2030s, has even revised its laws to facilitate sales. The Fumio Kishida […]
  • Japan's Defense Export Revolution: A Game Changer in Global Politics? - Part 3 “The surge in South Korea’s K-defense exports stimulates Japan” The reason Japanese defense companies are aggressively launching sales is not only due to the strong will of the Japanese government to export defense equipment but also due to the changes in the rapidly growing global defense market after the Ukraine war. For example, in the […]
  • Japan's Defense Export Revolution: A Game Changer in Global Politics? - Part 2 Japan’s First Offensive Weapon Export After World War II The South Korean defense industry interprets Japan’s move as an intention to curb the Korean defense industry as the boom in the South Korean defense industry intensifies, along with Japan’s transition to a normal country. Since the Ukraine war, countries worldwide have been increasing their defense […]
  • Japan's Defense Export Revolution: A Game Changer in Global Politics? - Part 1 Japan, which has had strictly limited arms exports since its defeat in World War II, is accelerating its defense exports. According to Japanese media, Japan announced a plan to approve the export of the sixth-generation advanced fighter jet being jointly developed with the UK and Italy at a cabinet meeting on March 26. Consequently, Japan […]
  • Shocking Ways Young Men Try to Avoid Military Service Revealed - Part 3 Expansion of Special Judicial Police Duties and Thorough Verification In response, the MMA plans to tighten control over detecting draft dodgers. At the beginning of this year, a Cyber Investigation Division was newly established in the headquarters. A Military Investigation Division was established in the Gyeonggi-do Office, and the number of special judicial police officers […]
  • Shocking Ways Young Men Try to Avoid Military Service Revealed - Part 2 On May 1, the MMA is introducing a program that automatically searches and classifies information promoting draft evasion. With the introduction of this program, it is expected that real-time automatic search and classification of information promoting draft evasion will be possible, and it will be able to respond to prevent the spread of promotional information […]
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