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  • Customer Discovers Hair in Food, Gives 5 Stars, and Declines Refund, Why? A customer found something that looked like hair in their delivery food, gave a 5-star rating, and asked the restaurant owner to be careful.
  • YouTube Star Famous for Exposing Celebrities Ends Up Taking His Life YouTuber known for his channel 'Garosero Research Institute,' was found dead after receiving a suspended sentence for sexual assault.
  • World's Fastest Population Decline: Kurzgesagt's Concern for THIS Country Kurzgesagt - In a Nutshell, a popular YouTube channel, highlighted South Korea's rapid population decline and its potential consequences.
  • Baseball Player Sidelined after Injuring Ankle While Celebrating a Successful Bunt NC Dinos' Seo Ho-chul sidelined due to an ankle injury sustained while celebrating a successful bunt, affecting the season.
  • 'Pro-Palestinian' supporter Gigi Hadid criticizes Israeli aggression... "Innocent lives are being sacrificed". [TV Report=Reporter Kim Hyun-seo] Hamas, the armed faction of Palestine, launched a surprise attack on Israel, resulting in numerous casualties. Amidst this, American top model Gigi Hadid expressed her deep sorrow. Gigi Hadid grew up under her Palestinian father, and their family has been supporting the 'Free Palestine Movement'.
  • 'Deadpool' Ryan Reynolds "I Struggle With Mental Health... I Have My Down Moments" [Hollywood News]. [TV Report=Reporter Yubi-chui] Actor Ryan Reynolds, who built a jovial image through the 'Deadpool' series, confessed to struggling with mental health issues. On the 9th (local time), 46-year-old Ryan Reynolds spoke about his mental health issues at the 11th Bring Change To Mind event held in New York, USA.
  • Israeli-Gaza Death Toll Reaches 1,500, Including Many Foreigners Recent conflict in Israel and Gaza results in 800+ fatalities and 2,600+ injuries, including foreign nationals from the US and Ukraine.
  • "Four Reasons Why South Korean Military is Paying Attention to the Israeli Situation that North Korea Could Mimic." .
  • High School Teacher in Daejeon Slaps Student for Being 8 Minutes Late (+Actual Photos) .
  • 'Why Hire a Black Model?': Designer Faces Legal Action for Racism and Wrongful Firing Korean-American fashion designer Eugenia Kim faces a lawsuit over alleged racist comments and wrongful termination by ex-employee.
  • World's Richest Man and Saudi Crown Prince Voices Support for Palestine Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman declares support for Palestine, potentially mediating in the ongoing Hamas-Israel conflict.
  • The number of young adults with bad credit has increased by this much in just 6 months, as seen in their lavish posts on social media. .
  • Chinese Nuclear Sub Sinks in Its Own Trap: All 55 Crew Members Lost A Chinese nuclear submarine, reportedly involved in a collision with submarine traps, has killed all 55 crew members.
  • North Korea's 4th Gen Succession to be a Female? Kim's Beloved Daughter Considered a Heir Kim Jong-un's daughter made a public appearance at a North Korean event. Speculation arises about her potential future role in leadership.
  • U.S. Special Forces Lose Epic Trench Warfare Battle The second episode of Steel Troops 3 featured intense battles among special forces units, with notable victories and surprises.
  • Trump's Rising Popularity in the U.S. – Beating Biden in Quantum Showdown Donald Trump's approval rating rises, surpassing Joe Biden in a hypothetical 2024 head-to-head, with 51% support vs. Biden's 42%.
  • AI Exploited to Distribute Dozens of Girls' Naked Photos Spanish police probe AI-generated fake nudes of young girls. Officials condemn it as gender-based digital violence. Suspects identified.
  • World's Best Countries to Live in 2023 Finally Revealed Switzerland tops U.S. News "best countries" list, U.S. is 5th, S. Korea 21st. Top non-Western nations: Japan, Singapore, China.
  • Patient Struggles with Blindness After Receiving Eye Surgery Man loses sight after cosmetic eye surgery in Gangnam; hospital claims it's a "common symptom" post-surgery.
  • Two Models Found Dead in LA's Luxury Apartments Just Days Apart The deaths of models in a luxury LA apartment have raised suspicions of murder, although authorities are still investigating.
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