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  • Russia and North Korea Sitting in a Tree, M-I-S-S-I-L-E? With Russian President Vladimir Putin’s first visit to North Korea in 24 years set for next week, the international community, including South Korea, is on high alert for close relations between Russia and North Korea. The potential impact on the Korean Peninsula could be significant as the level of military cooperation between the two sides […]
  • Could China's Drone Fleet Overpower U.S. Strategies? Chinese military experts have dismissed American warnings that China could face a drone hell attack from the U.S.
  • UN Command Probes North Korean Intrusion and South's Loudspeaker Broadcasts The United Nations Command (UNC) stated that it takes its mission seriously and diligently investigates recent issues.
  • Is This the Right Move? America Commits to Decade of Military Support for Ukraine The United States and Ukraine are set to sign a bilateral security agreement during the G7 summit, which will take place in Italy from June 13 to 15, as announced by the White House. The U.S. plans to establish a long-term security support system for Ukraine through this agreement, but it’s reported that a binding […]
  • Are Military Drills Too Harsh? South Korean Soldier Dies from Shock After Training Last month, a soldier in training tragically passed away two days after collapsing during military training. The cause of death was multiple organ failure due to septic shock. The Military Human Rights Center held a press conference in Mapo-gu, Seoul on the 12th. They revealed the soldier’s medical records, including the death certificate from Gangneung […]
  • Welcome Back to Civilian Life! BTS Jin Discharged After 18 Months in the Army The eldest member of BTS has completed his mandatory military service amidst the warm congratulations of his fellow members. Jin was discharged from the Army’s 5th Infantry Division Recruit Training Center at around 8:50 AM on June 12. Jin enlisted in the active duty army on December 13, 2022, making him the first among the […]
  • Will Trump Enforce Mandatory Military Service if Elected? It has been reported that close associates of former U.S. President Donald Trump are favorably considering mandatory military service in the United States, assuming Trump’s re-election. According to the Washington Post (WP) on the 11th, former Acting Secretary of Defense Christopher Miller argued in the Project 2025 report, which contains the plans of the ultra-conservative […]
  • US Military's Plan to Counter China with 'Unmanned Hellscape' U.S. military has devised a drone hell strategy, deploying thousands of drones in preparation for a potential Chinese invasion of Taiwan.
  • Satellite Snaps Reveal North Korea's Secret Missile Base Expansions North Korea appears to have consistently improved its facilities at several missile bases over the past five years.
  • Ukraine's Latest Drone Attack Destroys Russian Su-57 Fighter Jet The Ukrainian military announced that they had destroyed the latest Su-57 fighter jet in a drone strike on a military base in Russia.
  • South Korean Military Fire Warning Shots as North Korean Troops Cross Border Line It has been reported that North Korean military forces crossed the Military Demarcation Line (MDL) and then retreated.
  • AI vs. Humanity: UN Security General Urges Action to Prevent AI-Powered Nuclear War UN Secretary-General has warned that the advancement of artificial intelligence (AI) technology could exacerbate the threat of nuclear war.
  • Propaganda War: North Korean Defectors Deploy Balloons Over Border South Korean military confirmed that a North Korean defector group dispersed the balloons for North Korea in the border area
  • U.S. Defense Giant and Hanwha Supplies Cutting-Edge Tech to Australian Military Northrop Grumman will supply Redback Infantry Fighting Vehicle cannons to Hanwha Aerospace's Australian subsidiary for armored carriers.
  • BTS J-Hope Showcases Military Pride at National Contest BTS’ J-Hope has won the grand prize at the Strong Warrior, Army! presentation competition. On the 4th, J-Hope participated in the 2024 Strong Warrior, Army! presentation competition held at the War Memorial of Korea in Seoul. He delivered a speech on the theme of the pride of being a South Korean soldier, as felt by […]
  • Gingrich Says No U.S. Troop Withdrawal from South Korea Under Trump's Watch Newt Gingrich, a former Republican House Speaker, predicted that Donald Trump would demand more defense costs from South Korea if re-elected.
  • China vs. The World: Race for Naval Supremacy Intensifies China's expansion of aircraft carrier operations is stoking anxiety among neighboring South East Asian countries.
  • China's Gun-Toting Robot Dogs on the Loose – Should We Be Worried? Concerns have arisen recently over the imminent deployment of robot dogs equipped with rifles in Chinese military training.
  • U.S. Spy Plane Provokes North Korean Wrath, Threats of Catastrophe North Korea has warned that the U.S. Air Force’s reconnaissance sortie over the Korean Peninsula could lead to “unpredictable disasters.” The Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) stated in a commentary on the 31st, “The U.S. Air Force reconnaissance plane RC-135U took off from Japan on the 29th and once again conducted anti-Republic aerial reconnaissance near […]
  • China and Russia Join Hands and Issues Warning Over U.S. Military Space Dominance On the 16th, Chinese President Xi Jinping and Russian President Vladimir Putin held a summit meeting and issued a joint statement. According to the unofficial English translation, the joint statement includes strengthening cooperation in space. China and Russia have agreed to cooperate in the following: Both countries plan to solidify their long-term cooperative relationship in […]
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